Daily Archives: 19. Februar 2015

Three Years

Today marks the third anniversary of my Blog.
Another year has passed and I’m still blogging.
It was a really good year, until it got quite awful towards the end and any improvement will probably take a while.
But that’s beside the point.
Today I’ll announce the winner of my little raffle a few weeks back in honour of my 200th post and this anniversary as well.

As a reminder the prices were as follows:

#3: A Clue Writing Story written from your clues (setting + five clues)
#2: A Story written from a title you chose or for a picture you took.
#1: A Story of whichever category you like (e.g. clues, title, picture, even a Fanfic would be alright)
And without further ado let’s skip to the good part:

The Drawing

For quite a while I had only two participants DarkFairy and Gabriele.
The third participant commented earlier this day and was lucky to write before I finished this post.
Yet, as that one only left me with an „XXX“ as name and an E-Mail address that looks fake am I not able to include her/him in the drawing. (Though I do have a suspicion of who might be behind that alias…)
Therefore the race is between Fairy and Gabriele and is concluded by the throw of a dice.
If the dice lands on an even number: Gabriele wins the first place.
If the dice lands on an uneven number: Fairy wins the first place.
As I don’t have a physical dice here – at least I can’t think of a place where I put one – I will use this side: Virtual Dice.
So, let’s role….

And the Winner is…


That leaves Fairy for place #2!


As for you „XXX“, if you’re participation wasn’t just a ruse, I will grant you the third place and for the next time, please use real contact data – at least for the duration of the competition, afterwards it can be changed to fake data.
For all of you these rules still apply:

  • With this post and the upcoming comment to your comment I have informed you of your price. If I don’t hear back from any of you within a week the price will be assigned anew – or due to the lack of participants: cease to exist.
  • Suggestions for either of the prices have to be decent (no propaganda for violence, racism, pornography, etc.)
    • In case of the picture: You have to own the rights to it.
    • In case of the Fanfic: It would be nice if you choose a Fandom and characters I know.
  • The Story will be written in a reasonable time frame ranging from one week  until six months after receiving the instructions (Sorry, I can’t say how things will work out during the next few months). Further delays will be announced.
  • The Story will be as long as I see fit, but at least 800 words.

I’m curious what stories await me.
And maybe for the next anniversary I think up something better than a story.
Cheers, to the new year!