Hey there,

if you entered this page then you’re either curious as to what this page is about or who this PoiSonPaiNter person is, right?

If it’s the first then:

This side is just a little side project I was thinking about a while before actually starting it.
I see it as possibility to get some stuff out of my mind and, as it is a quite common thing to do, one has to share it with the whole world.
It doesn’t really matter to me who you are and why you came here, if you enjoy your stay then I’ve done my job well and created something interesting and funny for people strolling through. 🙂 Still, you are more than welcome to interact with me through comments and stuff. 😉

If it’s the second then:

I try to work my creativity into written words through Blogging about random stuff (including movie/book and concert/festival reviews – just check the Categories in the footer)  or through writing stories like the book I’m co-writing (more information here) or my stories.

My early interest in Fairy Tales turned into a fascination for Myths and Legends of all kinds, but also a liking for everything Fantasy-related. A similar path was taken from (Disney) Cartoons and Anime to (Web) Comics and other nerdy things: X-Men, Spiderman, Buffy and Doctor Who. You name it and I have either looked into it or have it already on my list. Oddly enough, while bats are amongst my favourite animals, do I not like Batman; or most DC characters in general. I am more of a Marvel-person.

I consider myself to be a Metalhead and therefore belong to a different kind of Dark Side (without former knowledge of the involved cookies, but ever grateful when they are served), but regardless of all the above am I still certified to ask: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Another thing that might be interesting is: I’m German, so it is possible that there will be spelling and grammar mistakes all over the place. So if you see any just let me know. 🙂
If you’ve noticed the if-then-else and akin jokes throughout this page and the Blog itself then you probably can guess my degree/profession: I’m a Bachelor of Science, working as a Software-Engineer.
Thanks to this background I think I can provide a logical/scientific view on certain topics (see the analysis in this post for example).
Other than that.
Just try to find out for yourself what kind of person I am. 🙂

Else if you’re here for an entirely different reason then:

I am not responsible for the things I link to or take as reference.
If there is someone who holds the copyright over something I’ve posted/quoted/etc. I will say so.
The rights for my original stories and other written work are mine.
The usage of this material is only allowed through my permission – no guaranty though. (For further information see: Impressum)

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me: poisonpainter(at)ymail.com or use the contact form on the Impressum-page.



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