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What'cha Watching Wednesday

Soo….as I’m following a couple of series and the Reading Together works quite well for keeping track of thoughts regarding my current reads and I kind of did something like this with this post already, I thought, it was high time that I rant a bit about what I’ve seen in the past week in a more appropriate setting.

What am I going to do?

Each Wednesday evening I will publish a post in which I collected the thoughts I had throughout the week while watching the latest or any episode of a series or maybe even a movie.
Depending on how my time allows it, the comment will also be for those that I watched that day.
You’re warned: There will be Spoilers.

Let’s start

Sleepy Hollow – Season Two, Episode 17: Awakening (Watch Date: 19.02.)

I do believe I haven’t mentioned yet that I am watching this series, but tadaa: I do.
It’s a really interesting concept and even though it had me confused more than once throughout the first season, do I still enjoy it.
It has great characters and interesting foes.
Anyway, from the beginning I kind of felt odd about Katrina. She never really fit into the group or at least tried to fit in and her arrogance and stubbornness made her dislikeable to me. Her whole obsession with Henry/Jeremy(, whose own madness is brilliantly portrayed by John Noble, though the portrayal does remind me of his role in Fringe) is just so…annoying…for a lack of a better word. She just doesn’t want to move on and keeps going in circles characterization-wise, up to the point were she drives herself quite mad. I get that she is a mother, but that’s just weird character development.
Though there is one upside to this: A set-switch to the 18th century, with Abbie now being in the wrong period!
Can’t wait for the next episode to see that happening and I just hope it wont just be a one time deal…

Agent Carter – Season One, Episode 8 – Valediction (Watch Date 25.02.)

I can’t believe this season is already over…
When I read last week that the upcoming episode would be the finale I was utterly shocked. It was far too soon to leave Peggy (and Jarvis I feel the need to add him here).
It’s such a fun and great and cool series and Hayley Atwell is just such a beautiful and brilliant actress. James D’Arcy does a great job as well and it’s just such a joy to watch those two interact.
Right after the first episode aired I wanted to watch more and I dearly hope the series will be renewed for another season – and many more after that.
The finale followed the slow narration of the previous episodes, but it is still packed with action and incredible fight scenes. It’s just fun to watch.
I really enjoyed the progress Peggy’s colleagues Thompson and Souza made in regards to their view on her, and even the late chief towards his end (that kind of still doesn’t bother me). Though I have to admit, that I find it confusing that in this series the characterization tables are turned.
Where there is barely any depth to the women in pretty much every show or movie, here the men are portrayed quite shallow. (Hence my apathy regarding Dooley’s passing)
For a series that does so much good in terms of representation (especially for women) this is a bit unfortunate. Still, this might as well have been due to the low amount of episodes, as we did get a few glimpses at the main male side characters‘ actual personalities.
But all in all great series and a great finale.
And I really want to see more of Peggy’s adventures!

What were you watching?

What episodes or movies did you enjoy throughout the week?
Anything you’d recommend checking out?
Let me know in the comments below!

Final Words

I start a new regular thing and I nearly managed to only watch one episode the entire week. Go me! Luckily I couldn’t resist watching the finale of Agent Carter right away, so you get two thought-thingies.
Next week will most likely be more, as I now have to catch up with all the episodes I’ve missed.