Your Picture – A Story

Continuing the idea from my Advent Calendar DarkFairy and I are writing stories for pictures that are send to us.
All can be found below the topic Your picture – A story“ (/“Dein Bild – Eine Geschichte„) on our mutual Blog DF.PP Entertainment.
If you want your picture to become a story

these are the rules for submissions:

  • You have to own the right to the picture. (You will be named in the post of course – except if you want to stay anonymous)
  • The picture has to be decent (no propaganda for violence, racism, pornography, etc.)
  • The picture has to be send as mail (attachment or link) with the subject “Your Picture – A Story” to one of the following addresses:

We will try, but we can’t promise that there will be a story for every picture (and maybe not a translation if the story is written in German). If we write a story, it will also be linked with the picture on our own Blogs.
We look forward to receiving pictures from you!

Your Picture – A Story: Story Swap

You want to try writing a story like this as well or are interested in a Story Swap?
Then write us via one of the above mentioned addresses!

My stories so far…

(c) Klaus Bubenheimer (c) Katrin Brockmann-Propp (c) Anna Lenz
(c) Annett Prodöhl (c) Simon Klampt (c) Babsi Becken
(c) Katrin Brockmann-Propp (c) Babsi Becken (c) Marina Bonzelet
(c) Annett Prodöhl (c) Rüdiger Lange (c) Shaylana Dreamcatcher
(c) Rüdiger Lange (c) Linda Dannenberg/Selenophile Art (c) Babsi Becken
(c) AniGrafie (c) Linda Dannenberg/Selenophile Art

As Story-Swap:
Das Durcheinander der Gedanken

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