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Weltenwanderer – Reading Night (Lesenacht)

Tuesday is usually the day for the Reading Together, but as I haven’t participated in that for quite some time, I thought I’d simply post this collection from the Reading Night over at Weltenwanderer from the last Christmas night instead.

What is a Reading Night and how does it work?

It’s basically different people picking up a book to read in a set amount time.
If the invitation is sent from a Blog that usually involves answering question throughout the session.
In this case Aleshanee invited us to join in a reading from 8pm to 1am on the 26th December 2015 „To let Christmas wind down with a good book…“.
I answered the question that night on my Facebook (and subsequently Twitter) Account and now you can find them collected here as well (All questions are obviously translated from their German version on Weltenwander).
Note: Everything in []-brackets is added/changed after the original posts.

Question 1:
What are you reading today? Was the book a Christmas Present or did you have any books under the tree? If so, which ones? How many pages do you plan on reading?

Tonight I’m reading „The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide“ (to the Galaxy) [by Douglas Adams] that collects all five novels and an additional one. It wasn’t a Christmas present, it isn’t even my own copy…I borrowed it from [Nazgul] back in 2014 and wanted to finish it back then for [BiblioSmiles‘ Summer Book Challenge – that I haven’t finished yet], but so far didn’t get around to do it.
So here I am trying to read as much as possible! 😀
[As I somehow didn’t answer that: I didn’t get any books for Christmas]

Question 2:
Which protagonists from your book would you have liked to invite for your Christmas celebrations? Or would they have demolished the whole feast? In which place or land are you right now in your book?

 I’m not that far into the book, but from what I remember from the movie would I probably not want any of them [participating in] our Christmas celebrations. They’re either too pessimistic [and that says something, as I am quite the pessimist myself] or too weird… >_<
Demolishing would also be a good point, as they’re currently trying to get rid of planet Earth – which is where I am currently. Somewhere close to London on Earth. 😀

Question 3:
Do you like your book up to now? Describe it with 5 adjectives 😀

Yes, I like the book so far, though in my head I keep comparing it to the movie-version (the one with Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent)… But I guess that can’t be helped if you watch the movie before you read the book >_<
extraterrestrial, confusing, detailed, footnote-y, bureaucratic

Question 4:
Do you like the cover of your current book? Is the cover important to you or do you not care about it at all?

As this book is a special edition the cover is rather simple, but nice, though it does remind me of a bible. Which it probably is to some people, I suppose. >_<
I discussed this before in a Reading Together, so I’ll simply quote the short version and you can read the long answer in the link:

It depends.
If I look for a certain book then it doesn’t matter.
If I’m just browsing through the book store my attention occasionally gets caught by a cover. If the blurb then fits what I like to read, it is highly likely that I will take the book with me. If not it’s just put back where I found it.

Question 5:
You’ve certainly looked through the other Blogs a bit… was there a book for you amongst them? Or do you know one of them that you can recommend? Would you recommend your current book?
And…are you already sleepy? 😀

 To be honest: I haven’t managed to read much at the other Blogs…I’m glad when I [manage to read] a few pages in my own book, as it feels like I simply don’t move forward. Though I’m not sure why that is (distractions, font, language?)
Well, I feel like not recommending the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would be blasphemy, soo…
And yes: The eyes are practising for sleep-mode…

How far did you get with your book? Have you managed to read „enough“ for today? Will you continue to read or are your eyes already closing themselves?

With a little cheating of adding 14 minutes to the 1 o’clock end I managed to at least get to page 100. For five hours of reading this seems like no pages at all – that’s usually my page count or one[-one 1/2] hour – , but I guess as in a different font and format this might be page 150-200, [plus] the fact that I got side tracked a lot and the book being in English I let it slide and simply accept it as such. At least I started at all.
I read enough in a way that I now go to sleep and rest my mind and eyes and finish the last pages of the first part afterwards.

Additional Notes

Regardless of the earlier statement have I not picked up the book again so far, but I will continue and the plan is to finally finish the whole thing before Towel Day, so, maybe that’ll help. I also wouldn’t mind to participate in another of this nights, even though it is exhausting, but at least I got something done. 😉
Have you ever participated in a Reading Night?
Would you like to?
Let me know, maybe one day I’ll host one myself. 🙂