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The Weekend Guess #88

I present to you the eighty eighth instalment of the Weekend Guess.

wegWhat is the Weekend Guess?

Up to three riddles formulated by me that are puns and wordplays on the answer itself I put on here for my readers to answer.

Why am I doing this?

For no apparent reason, just because I consider the idea to be funny.

What are the questions about?

Everything I can think of I guess, so far the things you had to figure out were song titles and bands, movies and books. Currently it’s random topics ranging from the stuff before and whatever I feel like asking about.

What is your part in this?

You can try to figure out my riddles and see if you can manage to get behind them and understand what I am describing.

What is in it for you?

So far: Nothing, but the knowledge that you managed to unlock one of my silly riddles.

Let’s start with the eighty eighth set of questions

I am looking for the name of this movie:

Two fallen Angels trying to get back to Heaven by using a loophole, but are stopped by an unlikely descendant and her side-kicks.

Leave your guesses in the comments below and I can see if my questions are too easy or to hard to figure out. I will give the correct answer with the next instalment.
Have fun figuring it out! 🙂

Solution for last weeks Weekend Guess:


fruehstuecksflocke guessed it correctly, so congratulations and thanks for the introduction to the Birdplane (Go check out his comment on the previous Weekend Guess to find out more!)!