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Story Sunday

Lies auf Deutsch
You guys know I like writing stories, making up stuff and basically being creative, right?

Well, here’s the thing:

While I am able to write stuff for DF.PP Entertainment’s Your Picture – A Story the regulations for that are pretty confining, if you just want to scribble down a short story.
I’m not saying it’s not fun, but every once in a while I wouldn’t mind to write stories shorter than 800 words – it can be quite annoying and difficult to reach them at times.
Therefore I’m thinking about doing something different here with a lower word count and a different premise to challenge myself abit.

The Idea

  • You will give me a writing prompt – a headline, a (starting) sentence, a setting, a character, a scene, whatever you like; note: no pictures (if you want to submit pictures please do so for Your Picture – A Story)!
  • I will write a story using the given prompt, with the following rules:
    • The story has to have at least 200 words.
    • The story can be written in either German or English – with a possible translation.
    • The prompt has to be recognizable within the story

Submitting the prompts can be done through comments here – and the page I’ll create in the Writings-menu for it – or via my different social media channels or e-mail.
I’d like to start the whole thing in July, so you have nearly a month to submit the first prompts and I’ll see what I can do about them!
I don’t know how frequently I’ll manage to do this as there are still a few things to factor in.
I don’t know how the new schedule will work out for one, but I also can’t say anything about the amount of prompts I’ll receive. If I don’t get enough of the latter I won’t be able to write anything – obvious isn’t it?
So make sure to send me lots of stuff to work with! 🙂
I’m curious how this will turn out…
Read in English
Ihr wisst ja, dass ich gerne Geschichten schreibe, mir Sachen ausdenke und einfach kreativ bin, richtig?

Naja, hier ist das Ding

Während ich für DF.PP Entertainment’s Dein Bild – Geschichte schreiben kann, sind die Regularien da doch recht einschränkend, wenn man nur mal eine Geschichte runterschreiben will.
Ich sage nicht, dass es keinen Spaß macht, aber hin und wieder würde es mich nicht stören Geschichten zu schreiben, die kürzer als 800 Wörter sind – es kann recht nervig und schwierig sein, diese manchmal zu erreichen.
Daher denke ich darüber nach, etwas anderes mit niedrigerer Wortzahl und anderer Grundvoraussetzung zu machen, um mich selbst ein bisschen herauszufordern.

Die Idee

  • Ihr gebt mir eine/n Schreib-Prompt/Anforderung – eine Überschrift, ein (Anfangs)Satz, ein Setting, ein Charakter, eine Szene was immer du magst; Hinweis: Keine Bilder (Wenn du Bilder einreichen möchtest, mach das bitter über Dein Bild – Eine Geschichte)!
  • Ich werde dann eine Geschichte anhand des Prompts unter folgenden Regeln schreiben:
    • Die Geschichte muss mindestens 200 Wörter lang sein.
    • Die Geschichte kann entweder in Deutsch oder in Englisch geschrieben werden – ggf. mit einer Übersetzung.
    • Der Prompt muss innerhalb der Geschichte erkennbar sein.

Das Einreichen kann über die Kommentare hier – und die Seite im Writings-Menü, die ich dann dafür anlegen werde – gemacht werden oder über meine verschiedenen Social Media Accounts oder E-Mail.
Ich würde gerne im Juli mit dem Ganzen anfangen, daher habt ihr also fast einen Monat, um die ersten Prompts einzureichen und ich werde sehen, was ich damit anstellen werde!
Ich weiß noch nicht wie regelmäßig ich es schaffen werde das hier zu machen, da da noch ein paar andere Faktoren mit reinspielen.
Ich weiß zum Einen nicht, wie mein neuer Zeitplan sich entwickeln wird, aber ich kann auch nichts dazu sagen, wie viele Prompts ich bekommen werde.
Wenn ich nicht genügend von Letzterem bekomme kann ich nichts schreiben – offensichtlich oder?
Also schickt einfach jede Menge Zeug mit dem ich arbeiten kann! 🙂
Ich bin gespannt, was hierbei rauskommen wird…


The moon shines bright and clear
bathing the world in pale light
Mist – peculiar –
clouding being and senses.

Magically radiates the spot,
calling us with its might.
I must away – it is Walpurgisnight!

– Schandmaul: Walpurgisnacht

Today is one of those magical nights.
Whether you call it Beltane or Walpurgisnight/Walpurgisnacht does not matter, as long as you yourself know what you’re celebrating. 😉

I like the mystique about these days and am curious to learn more about it.
One day I would even like to spent the Walpurgisnight near Thale  or on the Brocken (Harz), where the witches are supposed to meet and dance in this night.But maybe I’m just a bit too spoiled by Faust’s adventures there. 😉

The last few Walpurgisnights – and this one again – we spent in in Penzlin, sitting on the meadow below the outer wall of the old castle and enjoying a good chat, possibly mead and – if we celebrated the day before – left overs from my Dads‘ birthday party. 😀
It’s a nice atmosphere especially, when towards the end of the night the bonfire is lit and illuminates the area.
But that’s not all there is to Penzlin.
Back in the middle ages the castles‘ dungeon was actually used for torturing witches and you can still take a look at some of the instruments.
I remember a tour we got there during my school days where a few of the students had to actually sit inside in the wall-chambers and the chair version of the iron maiden.
But I digress.

Walpurgisnight is an evening full of magic and witches, so I thought instead of telling you things about it that you already know, I use the chance to write something again and suggest a few of my stories for those interested in reading them.
They aren’t entirely on topic, but they have witches and magic, so enjoy the read! 🙂

The Winter Solstice and Aequus (German): Follow magical creatures through their celebration of different mythical nights.

Wenn die Seelen wandern geh’n: (When the souls are wandering) Another magical holiday as we follow a young witches journey through a Samhain night.

Herzlos: (Heartless) A young man troubled by love makes some drastic changes with the help of a witch.

Eisige Zutat: (Icy ingredient) A sorcerer’s apprentice has to make a special errand for his master – much to his dislike.

Back from a Dream: After what he thought was a mere nap a man returns home to find his castle in ruins.

As you might have noticed do Schandmaul play a larger role in some of these stories. As mentioned did I take the introductory quote from their song „Walpurgisnacht„, but that’s not all. The title of „Wenn die Seelen wandern geh’n“ is a line from their song „Klagelied“ and Back from a dream portrays a small part of their song „Reich der Träume„. They’re songs are not just great, but also a great inspiration.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these stories and feel free to check out the songs involved in them. 🙂

Have a save night!


© Schandmaul drummer Stefan gave me a „go ahead“ to try telling more of the stories in their songs back in 2014, but I don’t claim any rights for their work.