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Crossing Over: Chapter 10

It again has taken me quite some time to finish the next chapter of my Bleach-Naruto Crossover Fanfiction Crossing Over.
You can read it:

When I posted the last chapter I said that I might be able to continue more frequently, but time and again am I surprised at how well I can guess my own writing habits (See this post and this for another example).

As I didn’t want to let my readers wait even longer I did not send it to my usual Beta reader, so if you find any nonsense in the chapter, please let me know.

Just like the other times I can give a little look at the music I listened to while writing, but to understand the references I advice you to read the chapter first.

Well, there is only one definite song throughout the Renji-fight part (SabatonNo Bullets Fly) and for the rest I let my player shuffle through only Edguy’s Space PoliceDefenders of the Crown at first, but added Sabaton’s Heroes soon after.

The howling part is by the way one of the main points I wanted to portray from the get-go, the midnight meeting and the butterfly came soon after, but neither of it as extensive as in the chapter ..

And another thing that might be interesting to know: Only five chapters and an epilogue to go and I have finally finished this monstrosity of a story … While I hope I will do so in 2014 will it probably happen some time in 2015, if not later … (and now let’s hope that this is one of my reverse predictions again 😉 )

Apart from having finally written something/finished some writing I am again on the road.
Not long now and we will arrive in Hamburg to make camp and participate in the MPS again.

Semi-Medieval Spectaculum after writing about Samurai and Ninja, yup, that sounds more than fitting …


Crossing Over: Chapter 8

As it so happened I managed to finalize another chapter of my Fanfiction Crossing Over.

Well, with this chapter I was finally able to complain about something I don’t like about the Ninja-World. The kid-soldiers. But putting it in the way Chouji does, it kind of makes it reasonable. Besides, as I said, the average dying age of a Shinobi is pretty young, so they would have to start teaching them early on as they might not be there when they would come to a reasonable age. I still don’t like it, but seeing as Renji is someone who experienced fights from a young age I think this would be how he would react. Originally this whole conversation was different and longer but I kind of forgot to write that down back then so I had to rethink it and ended up with this version.
Some of the things were only said in thoughts, as I didn’t want to repeat the whole Rukongai thing once again. Used too often, repetition gets boring. 😉
Anyway, this chapter was also a nod to one of my favourites of Naruto: Chouji.
He is such a kind and gentle person with so much compassion for his allies…he’s great and even cute. And I would have clearly defended him from every bully. =D
Therefore I’ve chosen a special song for the part with the little butterfly: Crematory’s – Left the Ground. A song that I consider to be fitting for this character. I don’t know why but I had to think of him when I heard this song again after reading the chapters 533/534. And if I would be allowed to make a random wish I’d like to have an AMV with this song and his butterfly-ification from episode 274. I think that it would make one awesome combination…he deserves something like that.
Oh, and of course I had to make him get into an argument with Renji.
Despite both of them having a big heart I imagine it to be pretty funny hearing Kentarou Itou (their Japanese voice actor) talking to himself. =D
Guess there might be some more of those two. 😉

Other than that I’d like to add some thoughts on the library part.
This is basically my explanation as to why there are no Hollows in the Ninja world. A natural barrier seemed reasonable to me as they were able to develop all the Jutsus in the first place. If you disagree with that feel free to leave me a note. =)
My reasoning for why this whole Crossover thing is possible will be explained some time during the finale. So basically some time in 2014 judging from my pace so far…I am so sorry for always taking this long and it probably won’t get better as the following chapters rarely have any of my original ideas, but I will continue regardless of that.

And of course I will not leave you without naming the soundtrack:
For a change I had the German songs Rapunzel by Letzte Instanz and Eulenspiegel from Saltatio Mortis for the library part. During the conversation I listened to a playlist containing those two and other songs by them, Sabaton, ASP and Dr. Stein by Helloween, so nothing concrete here. Well, and the original Tenteikurra-conversation didn’t really include the reactions of everyone, but I thought I might as well add them too. =)

So, see you around. =)


Crossing Over: Chapter 7

I can now proudly say: I have finally managed to finish the seventh chapter of my Bleach-Naruto Crossover-Fanfiction Crossing Over!

As I said in my previous post:

I had the chapter nearly written out for quite a while, but it was not what I wanted it to be like. I wanted to add better transitions and better phrasing. Maybe even some more scenes.

And it’s not like I didn’t know what to write, but I just didn’t really have the time to do so. Going from one Semester to the other. From one exam to the next and so forth. Barely even had time to take a breather at all. But with the Christmas days and some vacation days I finally managed to get it done.
I can’t promise the next chapter will be online faster, but I kind of doubt it will take as long as this one.

As for the chapter itself, I can give you two new songs:
Both Rangiku-parts were accompanied by Stratovarius “Hunting High and Low”, while Byakukay’s part held another Blind Guardian song: “Curse my Name”. I made a list of which songs I already used and discovered that this is the forth song of this band and the second time I used it for that character.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy(ed) the chapter and you excuse my lack of updates these past months and the months to come.

Again I have the next chapter planned, and partly written out, but I have more phrasing to do with this one. I do have a planned out storyline, but I have a tendency for shoving some of the topics around to regain a certain balance within each chapter. For the last chapter I even got a positive Review regarding the balance of character-time. I am always grateful for input like that.
An author can only do so little to ensure their work is liked by his audience and this is even worse when it comes to fiction about stories that already exists. But I will have a closer look into the depths of Fanfictions with one of my upcoming posts. 😉

We’ll see how far I’ll come with the next chapter and every other plans as my bachelor’s thesis is just around the corner.

But fear not!

I will still update the blog regardless – as I have done so far as well.
As I said there will be a post about Fanfiction, also the second part of my Wacken-Review is in the making, as well as posts about other festivals and conventions I’ve attended (*cough* last year*cough*).
I also got some ideas for a set of short stories centering around a society of dwarfs. One is even already typed and will be published soon, others so far are mere ideas.

Other than that I started making a recorded version of the chapters of Crossing Over so far and I might add other things that I’d like to rant about.

But still there are exams that want to be passed, a bachelor’s thesis that wants to be written and a hand that wants to be healed.

So stay tuned, I will return. =)


Crossing Over: Chapter 6

As this has been on Fanfiction.net for quite some time now: Chapter 6 of Crossing Over my Bleach-Naruto-Crossover Fanfiction that I started to write to improve my English skills. If you haven’t already read it you can start here with the Prologue (or click the link above for the Fanfiction.net pages of the story).

With chapter 6 the second „main“ character of this Fic – at least from the tags I used on the Fanfiction side – entered the stage: Abarai Renji from Bleach. (The other one being: Gaara from Naruto.)

And just like in the previous post about this Fanfic I’ll tell you which music I listened to while writing/editing. An as back there: The songs do not necessarily fit the storyline and you might want to read the chapter beforehand to know to which part I’m referring to. 😉

I listened to „Fade to black“ by Sonata Arctica their Metallica cover song for Rukia’s part. Which is kind of funny as the Rukia-centered Bleach movie is also called by that title. I am not really sure whether I was aware of that when I first started writing the raw version of her part.
The movie is by the way quite interesting. You not only see more of Rukia’s (possible/non-canon) past in Rukongai, but also see how people are effected by the influence of the enemies. I think I should re-watch the movie some day and maybe write something about it and the other Bleach movies.
However, for Rangiku’s part I used HammerFall’s „I Believe“ and beside hinting at my last post about concerts for a little review of a Hammerfall concert I’ve been on last year,there is not much to say about it. Other than you should give both songs a try. 😉

When I couldn’t properly write a chapter for quite some time I added this little sneak preview on Fanfiction.net:

While Rangiku tries to fill her two moronic colleagues in on what had happened, Byakuya reaches a part of the forest where he can sense a familiar Reaitsu and is finally reunited with his beloved sister.

At the point I wrote that I did not see any sign of time that I might have been able to spend on what I have so far as chapter. I wanted to let my readers know that I needed quite some time longer on finishing this story.
By now this problem has changed a bit as I am currently waiting for the results of an important exam and can’t really do anything else – beside working and stuff.
Therefore I might find some time and motivation to continue with the editing of the remaining chapters.
What I have so far for the next chapter is not satisfying…it contains the ideas I had for it, put the way it is portrayed is not what I wanted to show with it…
Just as I am not satisfied with the length of this post…put I’m probably just bugged by it because of the length and more or less importance of my other posts…
Anyway, throughout the last semester I at least managed to change one tiny part of the next chapter.
But it’s still not what I would like it to be.
Therefore I need some more time and see if I manage to get it right this time.
We’ll see what I can do about it.

Crossing Over: Chapter 5

Nearly a year after I’ve posted the prologue I can give you the fifth chapter of Crossing Over.
My Bleach-Naruto-Crossover Fanfiction.

It is quite impressive that I managed to write six chapters in one year. And I’m not sure whether this is positive or negative.

Every now and then I write in the Author’s comment on Fanficion.net, what music I’ve listened to while writing or editing.
As I leave out the comments when I post the chapters here I thought I’d use this chance to give you the playlist for all the chapters so far – including the new one.

A word of advise: The topics/lyrics of the songs don’t necessarily fit to the part they apply to. Still I hope some of you might like getting to know new stuff.
That goes for about every song I will introduce you to. Please bear with me here. =)

And I’d suggest you read the chapters beforehand to understand the references, but you could also skip that and just look for the different song titles (in italics) throughout this post.

Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Den:

I’ll begin with the one starting to play in my head, well and on my player, whenever I read the headline „In the Forest“, or worked on that part of the chapter: It’s Blind Guardian’s wonderful „The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)“ (There is also a version by Van Canto, if you want to try out something different.)
To raise money for Japan after the Fukushima and tsunami incident they also participated in an auction offering a singer to put his touch on one of their most famous songs.
Anyway, it’s one of the most amazing acoustic songs I’ve ever heard, only topped by it’s even more amazing live version. Especially if you’re standing among those thousands of people and everyone is singing this song…totally epic…
Awww…man I wish I could turn back time…=(
Same goes for „Mirror Mirror“ another Blind Guardian song I listened throughout the first part of the chapter and I don’t really have anything to say about it.
Therefore we just go to the third and last song for today: Grave Digger’s „Rebellion“ – a song for freedom and independence (according to their singer Chris Boltendahl) – , that I listened to during the Suna – part. Next to the original version and again a Van Canto version there is a recording of their concert in Wacken 2010, where they play it in an amazing version together with both Van Canto and Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian.
Well, and this leads us to the first song again. 😉

Chapter 4 – Traces:

In this chapter we have Sonata Arctica’s „Don’t say a word“ for the Suna part and „Reign of Fear“ by Crematory for the other two. Both are pretty interesting songs,  helped me to get this put together.

And for the new chapter – Chapter 5 –  First Stages:

As I tend to do mean things I am going to tell you which song I’m starting to sing when I read the beginning phrase of the first part – „Early in the Morning“.
It is an evil song.
A song that will stick with you for a long time. An „Ohrwurm“ (literal translation: „earworm“, metaphorical: A song that sticks in your head and won’t leave) as we’d call it over here.
You cannot flee from it.
It’s the „Drunken Sailor (Song)„. =D
There are so many different versions of it out there that it’s hard to pick one, but currently I’m fascinated by Saltatio Mortis‚ way of playing it.
They are a folklore/medieval band that only sings one strophe and the refrain, but have an awesome instrumental part afterwards…if you like bagpipes as much as I do, then you will like this version a lot. =D
And of course sing it for the rest of the day. 😉

Part two is somewhat dedicated to Blind Guardian’s „Hallelujah„.
A song I really enjoy listening to currently and therefore want to introduce you to.
A song originally played by Deep Purple, but the cover is way more epic or as acrisiocam put it on Youtube:

„Blind Guardian didn’t make a cover. Hansi just decided that he was too awesome for mankind, so this song would have eliminated 97% of the population due to an overwhelming amount of epicness. So, he let Deep Purple do it before them so, that the mortals could get used[to it].“

I totally second that…=D

For reasons unknown to me I picked „Fullmoon“ by Sonata Arctica for the last part. I just like the song, as one of the most interesting werewolf – themed songs I know.

Ah and: Yes, I know. I picked a pirate – like song to listen to while writing a story about Ninja and „Samurai“. I’m just weird like that. 😉 And it will probably happen again, as I have quite a variety of sailing related songs…it only can get worse. 😉

Have fun listening to those and reading the chapters, if you don’t already have done that and liked/hated what you heard/read.
And even if you did, just listen to them/read them again. 😉

Aside from all those fantastic songs, I will be giving this story an AU tag on Fanficion.net.
I mean, the way Naruto flows right now it would be pretty unlikely that there will be a truce or even the people I am using in this still alive. =/ It’s more likely that the story will end than that…
Besides what’s your opinion on Rangiku/Kakashi? Right now I put it off the list of what I want to write in each chapter, but I do have an idea for some interaction between them, I’m just not sure if I should use it or not…
Just tell me what you think about that or generally about the chapter/story in the reviews. I’m looking forward to it. =)