May Madness

For some reason this May keeps getting in the way of me writing anything proper for this Blog, not to mention my lack of muse and energy to do so.
In the first week of May there was in addition to my dad’s birthday also the Walpurgis Night (both still in April) and also May 1st and my last rant-post. All this talk about change and new beginnings didn’t really pay off as I was too busy being distracted by all kind of other things.
As I mentioned in that post above was I on a Bela B. concert in the second week of May, but that wasn’t everything I’ve done that week.
It also included my mom’s birthday and the Free Comic Book Day.
I will be covering the concert and probably also the FCBD in separate posts, if I find the necessary ingredients to do so.
Speaking of ToDo’s: I have added a list  of posts I am going to finish one of these days in the menu on the right, but I guess the possibility of more being added is higher than one of them being written…
Well, I guess I at least managed to get my May post for The Extremis Review done, though I vastly exceeded my word count and wasn’t completely satisfied with it for quite some time.
What I wasn’t completely satisfied with either, was the organ recital I spontaneously attended last week. It was interesting to hear what notes the organ could create, but the songs the organist had chosen weren’t the best ones to actually bring about a proper atmosphere. I have heard way more impressive organ melodies than what he had played, but at least I got some more ideas for my dwarve storie/s.
Speaking of impressive: Remember my post on the Doctor Who Edition of the 2048 game? More than 1.000 (!) people have  viewed the post by now and if you google „Doctor Who 2048“ my post is above the semi-official post from Kasterborous, which is a bit creepy.
On the other hand is the attention nearly completely focused on that post and the other Fandom related ones (*click*, *click*) – I by the way am thinking about adding a new Category „Fandom“ for these kind of posts – and my normal posts are mostly being ignored; not that there are that many „normal“ posts to begin with…
As we already are talking about Fandoms: Four of the Series I’m watching had their season finale this month and the third one from the Tumblr Trinity (SuperWhoLock) – that I haven’t watched since Season 1(?) – provides a fifth today I guess. This, however, gives me time to catch up with other series and I’ve already started doing that with nearly the first two seasons of „Being Human„, though the things I remember most about it are „Alonso’s“/“Henry’s“/“George“s'(Russel Tovey’s) butt and screeches, that man reaches frighteningly high notes…
Anyway, what I’m actually trying to bring across with this post is:
I doubt I’ll manage to write anything else beside The Weekend Guess during May, as I still need to do a couple of things until I drive off to the Out&Loud-Festival next Tuesday.
I’m pretty sure the festival is going to be quite interesting, as the whole thing starts by me picking up DarkFairy in Bamberg in a monastery, where she is visiting a befriended monk, but it gets even more  absurd:
Two black clad Metalheads with different beliefs, that are co-writing a book containing religious elements, meet up at a catholic monastery and then drive off to a Metal festival in a truck stop  area in the mostly catholic Bavaria in a car with the Number of the Beast on the licence plate to camp in the Fanclub area of a band that has such lovely songs as „Catholic in the Morning, Satanist at Night“, „Saturday Satan“ and „Cardinal Sin“ and refers to itself alternatively as „The Holy Wolf Brigade“ or „The Preachers of the Night„.
Yeah, I think that festival is going to be interesting…
Guess I’ll be seeing you in June, shortly before I’m then off to the Metalfest.

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