Crossing Over: Chapter 5

Nearly a year after I’ve posted the prologue I can give you the fifth chapter of Crossing Over.
My Bleach-Naruto-Crossover Fanfiction.

It is quite impressive that I managed to write six chapters in one year. And I’m not sure whether this is positive or negative.

Every now and then I write in the Author’s comment on, what music I’ve listened to while writing or editing.
As I leave out the comments when I post the chapters here I thought I’d use this chance to give you the playlist for all the chapters so far – including the new one.

A word of advise: The topics/lyrics of the songs don’t necessarily fit to the part they apply to. Still I hope some of you might like getting to know new stuff.
That goes for about every song I will introduce you to. Please bear with me here. =)

And I’d suggest you read the chapters beforehand to understand the references, but you could also skip that and just look for the different song titles (in italics) throughout this post.

Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Den:

I’ll begin with the one starting to play in my head, well and on my player, whenever I read the headline „In the Forest“, or worked on that part of the chapter: It’s Blind Guardian’s wonderful „The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)“ (There is also a version by Van Canto, if you want to try out something different.)
To raise money for Japan after the Fukushima and tsunami incident they also participated in an auction offering a singer to put his touch on one of their most famous songs.
Anyway, it’s one of the most amazing acoustic songs I’ve ever heard, only topped by it’s even more amazing live version. Especially if you’re standing among those thousands of people and everyone is singing this song…totally epic…
Awww…man I wish I could turn back time…=(
Same goes for „Mirror Mirror“ another Blind Guardian song I listened throughout the first part of the chapter and I don’t really have anything to say about it.
Therefore we just go to the third and last song for today: Grave Digger’s „Rebellion“ – a song for freedom and independence (according to their singer Chris Boltendahl) – , that I listened to during the Suna – part. Next to the original version and again a Van Canto version there is a recording of their concert in Wacken 2010, where they play it in an amazing version together with both Van Canto and Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian.
Well, and this leads us to the first song again. 😉

Chapter 4 – Traces:

In this chapter we have Sonata Arctica’s „Don’t say a word“ for the Suna part and „Reign of Fear“ by Crematory for the other two. Both are pretty interesting songs,  helped me to get this put together.

And for the new chapter – Chapter 5 –  First Stages:

As I tend to do mean things I am going to tell you which song I’m starting to sing when I read the beginning phrase of the first part – „Early in the Morning“.
It is an evil song.
A song that will stick with you for a long time. An „Ohrwurm“ (literal translation: „earworm“, metaphorical: A song that sticks in your head and won’t leave) as we’d call it over here.
You cannot flee from it.
It’s the „Drunken Sailor (Song)„. =D
There are so many different versions of it out there that it’s hard to pick one, but currently I’m fascinated by Saltatio Mortis‚ way of playing it.
They are a folklore/medieval band that only sings one strophe and the refrain, but have an awesome instrumental part afterwards…if you like bagpipes as much as I do, then you will like this version a lot. =D
And of course sing it for the rest of the day. 😉

Part two is somewhat dedicated to Blind Guardian’s „Hallelujah„.
A song I really enjoy listening to currently and therefore want to introduce you to.
A song originally played by Deep Purple, but the cover is way more epic or as acrisiocam put it on Youtube:

„Blind Guardian didn’t make a cover. Hansi just decided that he was too awesome for mankind, so this song would have eliminated 97% of the population due to an overwhelming amount of epicness. So, he let Deep Purple do it before them so, that the mortals could get used[to it].“

I totally second that…=D

For reasons unknown to me I picked „Fullmoon“ by Sonata Arctica for the last part. I just like the song, as one of the most interesting werewolf – themed songs I know.

Ah and: Yes, I know. I picked a pirate – like song to listen to while writing a story about Ninja and „Samurai“. I’m just weird like that. 😉 And it will probably happen again, as I have quite a variety of sailing related songs…it only can get worse. 😉

Have fun listening to those and reading the chapters, if you don’t already have done that and liked/hated what you heard/read.
And even if you did, just listen to them/read them again. 😉

Aside from all those fantastic songs, I will be giving this story an AU tag on
I mean, the way Naruto flows right now it would be pretty unlikely that there will be a truce or even the people I am using in this still alive. =/ It’s more likely that the story will end than that…
Besides what’s your opinion on Rangiku/Kakashi? Right now I put it off the list of what I want to write in each chapter, but I do have an idea for some interaction between them, I’m just not sure if I should use it or not…
Just tell me what you think about that or generally about the chapter/story in the reviews. I’m looking forward to it. =)


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