Happy New Year

Here we are again.
A new day and even more so a new year.
So, let me repeat and add to my title:

Happy New Year! May all your plans and wishes come true to your liking!

Now that that’s said:

What has this new year in store?

Many things that I don’t know yet, but a few I can influence.
As I told you before am I planning to do another Book-Week in January, namely in the week from the 12th to the 18th, because on the 17th Unmei and I will be visiting the Harry Potter Exhibition in Cologne.
On the 19th I’ll be at another concert of the Knight Shoe (Sabaton), this time with Anice and Danger from the Black Pack and Babsi and Jenni from the Out&Loud.
I’m looking forward to either of those. 😀
In May I’ll be at a Blind Guardian concert, though I’m not entirely sure, who else will be there…
It is also highly likely that Anice and I will return to the Rockharz in July and won’t travel to Sweden – at least not this year.
But I hope Janzy and I will finally manage to make our trip to London, after she got her Master’s degree. 🙂
The rest is pretty open yet, but there are a few things I want to accomplish writing-wise.
Well, most of all I need to finally catch up with the remaining Festival/Concert reviews, I’m far behind on those ones and I’ll try to get them done before June (and some of those other media reviews I still wanted to write throughout the year).
I also want to finally finish Crossing Over – I managed to post the full amount of two chapters last year. Then there is The Return of Magic that doesn’t have a proper ending yet, but I want to at least get it actually started.
And the one I’m most anxious about is probably the re-write of the Elevator tale. I now have some more ideas to go on and I think I can improve it.
But I’m not planning on only writing Fanfiction, I also want to continue my original work. The tales of the Dwarves demand to be continued and one story only needs to be typed, the other finished and then there are many more notes that could lead to more stories.
Then there is Your Picture – A Story, DarkFairy and mine new project over at DF.PP Entertainment that will see me write new stories for photographs. (Feel free to send us your work, to be included in it. 😉 )
And I’ll try to get the concept and idea for this years Advent Calendar, I’m fairly certain it will be a 24 chapter long story.
With all this writing I still want to continue reading though. In the last hours of 2014 I managed to finish my 20th book that year and I would like to read at least the same amount this year as well. The reading challenges will help me pick the books.
Well, that’s all I can think of right now.
Guess we’ll see what this new year has in store after all. 🙂

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