PoiSonPaiNter goes Twitter!

At least for a little while…
As I told you on Monday am I attending the TimeLash this weekend with AnnaTao and Schmusi from the HGWAnime, who are also known as CosMamas Tipps.
For this event we decided to join forces and created a Twitter Page to live-tweet our experiences at the first German Doctor Who Convention!
If you want to follow our adventures look no further than:

@[ASAP Chronicles].

If you don’t have or don’t want to use Twitter feel free to check out my Facebook-Page, as the Tweets will be posted there as well.
Most of the Tweets will be in German, but I guess I’ll manage to sneak in one or the other English one. 😉
I’m quite exited for this weekend and hope you’ll have fun following our adventures through Space and Time.
Stay tuned and watch out for talkative birds! 😀

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