Advent Calendar Prequel

Tomorrow it is finally time.

My very own Advent Calendar will start!

But before it does I want to get a couple of words regarding the creation of it and the people that participated out of the way.

The amazing donors

As you might have noticed did I post my initial post not just here, but also on my (private and official) Facebook, Tumblr and Google+, as well as my deviantART and Animexx pages.
Some people like DarkFairy and Iron Eve send me pictures right away. But also Frigg from Friggs Photography send some of hers through Animexx, even though we had never talked before.
With a couple of reminders Black Kat and Anice, as well as Babsi from the Out&Loud and Rockharz send me some of theirs.
After our trip to Ireland Ed from EdMooneyPhotography also send me a couple of his pictures.
Anice then gave me the final pieces.
All of their pictures are incredible in their own way and I thank all of the above mentioned people for their participation!

Finding a story

The essence of my initial post was to get pictures that would inspire me to write stories. I anticipated that it wouldn’t be easy to write something for each one I got, but I still hoped I would get enough.
And let me tell you: It was a close call.
While getting the actual amount of pictures was easy as I had far above the 24 I needed and the pictures where pretty cool, did not every one of them provide me with the idea-spark needed to write a fitting story.
And this spark mostly hit when I first saw the picture and was brought to paper while I took the bus. I simply didn’t want to sit in front of a white screen while creating those stories thus I printed out the pictures and had it with me wherever I went – some of them even travelled with me to Ireland and three stories where written during that trip.
What also is notable about the writing process is that I switched languages.

Be warned that with opening the upcoming doors you will not always reveal an English story!

Pretty much all of my initial notes where in German, but some stories still wanted to be written in English, while the rest remained in my mother’s tongue.
It might be a disappointing day for the English natives amongst my readers, but it just felt more natural to write those stories in German. Just as it felt like I had to write the other ones in English.
I try adding an English (or German) equivalent of the stories, but if I don’t manage to do it and you want to have one, be sure to let me know and I’ll be adding them afterwards. Though I’m not sure the translation will do justice to the way it is originally written, but I’ll try my best.
If the story is written in the language, you don’t understand, try scrolling down and the translated version might show up before a short look behind the scenes. 🙂
The length of the stories depends on what I want to tell with it. Some will be relatively short, some will be a bit longer, but either are finished. Again, if you do want one of them to be continued: Just let me know and I’ll see if I can think up more for the given setting. A couple of them may even sound like they are – or indeed are – the continuation of another one.
Well, that said this leaves me with:

Have fun with my Advent Calendar!

You’ll find the complete calendar as separate page here: PoiSon’s Advent Calendar

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