DF.PP Entertainment re-animated

DarkFairy and my mutual project DF.PP Entertainment is getting back into business!
Inspired by my idea for my Advent Calendar Fairy wanted to use it to get back into writing herself.

But to fill our slumbering Blog with new life we need your help!

Below the topic Your picture – A story“ (/“Dein Bild – Eine Geschichte„) we want to write short stories for the pictures that are send to us.

And these are the rules for submissions:

  • You have to own the right to the picture. (You will be named in the post of course – except if you want to stay anonymous)
  • The picture has to be decent (no propaganda for violence, racism, pornography, etc.)
  • The picture has to be send as mail (attachment or link) with the subject “Your Picture – A Story” to one of the following adresses:

We will try, but we can’t promise that there will be a story for every picture (and maybe not a translation if the story is written in German). If we write a story, it will also be linked with the picture on our own Blogs (my collection will be here: Your Picture – A Story ).
So, if you want to help us continuing what I’ve started with the Advent Calendar and help us to get into the proper mood to finally finish our book „Warlords“ make sure to send us pictures.
We greatly appreciate all the help we can get and look forward to all the things we’re going to receive. 🙂

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