DarkFairys Alphabet Reading Challenge

I’ve waited and contemplated quite a while if I take up this challenge, as I am already participating in BiblioSmiles‘ Summer Book Challenge, but Fairy said I could use the same books for her challenge as well.

Like you might anticipate from the name do you chose books for this challenge, that start with a letter from the alphabet, but there are some more rules to it.

The rules

  1.  Articles are generally ignored (E.g. (The) Lord of the Rings)
  2. Numbers are written out (E.g. Nineteen eighty four instead of 1984)
  3. The letters Q, X and Y just have to be somewhere in the title, otherwise it would be to hard 😉
  4. The distinct title of a book within a book series counts. This means Harry Potter would always count for „H“ as every book starts with „Harry Potter and…“ but with other series like The Song of Ice and Fire you can take the individual titles (A Game of Thrones would count as „G“).
  5. Please create a separate Challenge-Page (Example) on which you post the alphabet with the books you have read and a couple of lines of your opinion, but you can also write a post review for each book you’ve read.
  6. Post the link of the challenge page in the comments of the original post (here) and Fairy adds you to the list of participants. You on the other hand have to link her page on your Challenge Page.
  7. The time frame of the challenge is: 15.07.14 – 14.07.15.

How I will participate

As I did with BiblioSmiles‘ challenge will I again make some variations to these rules.
The most important change is that I don’t want to be confined in a time frame and therefore pick the books and just try to finish them, however long it takes me.
The second change is that I will probably write full reviews instead of short ones on the Challenge Page, but I will still link them there.

Other than that have I picked books that I have read so far this year (not books that were finished after the 15th July) and those that I plan to read with the SummerBook Challenge.
I also cheated a bit with a couple of titles as I switched between German and English to fit the letters and as I am reading them in German anyway. Besides I still have quite a bunch of letters I haven’t found a proper book for…
My take on this is that I want to read books according to the Alphabet, but wont want squeeze them into it and just wait until I come across the book that fits. 😉

If you want to participate in this Challenge, be it according to the original rules or your own, let me know or just go over to Fairy’s Page and tell her.


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