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Crossing Over: Chapter 10

It again has taken me quite some time to finish the next chapter of my Bleach-Naruto Crossover Fanfiction Crossing Over.
You can read it:

When I posted the last chapter I said that I might be able to continue more frequently, but time and again am I surprised at how well I can guess my own writing habits (See this post and this for another example).

As I didn’t want to let my readers wait even longer I did not send it to my usual Beta reader, so if you find any nonsense in the chapter, please let me know.

Just like the other times I can give a little look at the music I listened to while writing, but to understand the references I advice you to read the chapter first.

Well, there is only one definite song throughout the Renji-fight part (SabatonNo Bullets Fly) and for the rest I let my player shuffle through only Edguy’s Space PoliceDefenders of the Crown at first, but added Sabaton’s Heroes soon after.

The howling part is by the way one of the main points I wanted to portray from the get-go, the midnight meeting and the butterfly came soon after, but neither of it as extensive as in the chapter ..

And another thing that might be interesting to know: Only five chapters and an epilogue to go and I have finally finished this monstrosity of a story … While I hope I will do so in 2014 will it probably happen some time in 2015, if not later … (and now let’s hope that this is one of my reverse predictions again 😉 )

Apart from having finally written something/finished some writing I am again on the road.
Not long now and we will arrive in Hamburg to make camp and participate in the MPS again.

Semi-Medieval Spectaculum after writing about Samurai and Ninja, yup, that sounds more than fitting …