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One Hundred

In regards to the Book-Week I put a few touches to the list of books I’ve read over at Goodreads.When I started adding the books a nagging feeling rose from the back of my mind: ‚No, it can’t be that you haven’t read a hundred books, yet…‚  With this thought in mind I sat down and thought of the books that were missing in the list and indeed: I have already read more than a hundred books in my life.

From a mathematical stand point this means that I’ve read 6,25 books a year (assuming I’ve started reading on my own with eight), which isn’t really true as I had years were I haven’t read a thing or barely any books and years where I’ve read more then ten.

Anyway, if you’re interested what I did read, have a look the the shelf below, maybe you find something interesting too. (Note: As I can’t remember the names of a few books they are still missing, but there are at least six, so even without the displayed Manga would it be a hundred)

And even though I tried paying attention to it when I was around 94, did I only notice that the re-blog of my Extremis article became my hundredth post afterwards…
I’m also close to having a hundred people following me via WordPress, which is pretty cool in a way and would be way more awesome if you guys would participate a bit more. 😉 (I do unfortunately believe that a couple of my followers aren’t really interested in what I am writing, but instead of me having interest in the stuff they have to sell on their Blogs – feel free to prove me wrong on this.)

With a word count similar to the three hundreds I now leave you to the books below. 🙂


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