Writing for The Extremis Review

As I wrote in the introduction to my post Thor: Movie vs. Myth was the topic given to me by The Extremis Review to see if my writing is good enough for them.
What can I say?

As of today I am officially in the roster for The Extremis Review. 🙂

On a monthly basis I will be providing a short post to a given topic, though I am also able to make suggestions as to what I would like to write about. My first post is due at the end of May, so you will have to continue reading my work here for now, until a post of mine will be published there.
Before you start wondering: Yes, I decided to use both my usual nickname (PoiSonPaiNter) and my Jesterdeer (my avatar that looks like a donkey with a jester-hat, yet calling it Jesterdonkey sounds stupid), even though everyone else uses a name that at least sounds like it could be a real one; but I already mentioned why I prefer the nickname.
I’m curious which topics I will be able to cover and what their readers will think of my contributions. Though probably the hardest thing for me will be the word count as my posts are supposed to be around 500 words and as you might have noticed I am rarely able to keep things short, even though I did have a few goes at it recently.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new challenge and am now off to rest a bit before Walpurgis Night tomorrow. 🙂

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