As I occasionally mentioned in my posts I am working on a book together with DarkFairy.
The book is called „Warlords“ and is based on a RPG we started writing for fun in 2009.

For those who don’t know what RPG is: RPG stands for Role Play Game.
Most RPGs are on the basis of Pen&Paper (like The Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge, which is the one DarkFairy mostly playes) rules and settings, where you create a character according to those and play with other people in a given storyline.
Written RPG however do not always follow those rules.
You decide on your character(s) and an order of posting, but you create your own setting/storyline mostly along the way.

We started in a simply medieval setting, but added more and more Fantasy elements.
Originally it was a RPG to write when everyone else in the forum was busy at the weekend, but we soon couldn’t stop writing.
So we wrote more or less full-time; beginning about 10 in the morning and stopping close to 2 in the morning of the following day.
That way we managed to write a lot in a short amount of time.
But with our different studies starting we had to cut back, as it did not allow us to write that much throughout the last 3 years.
But we still haven’t lost our interest and our passion for our story and we want it to evolve even farther.
We want to turn our „little“ RPG into a book – or a book series even, as we have that much material by now.
Therefore we are editing what we have so far over and over again – and sometimes we ask ourself which „pills“ we popped while writing some of it.
Nevertheless we had and still have tons of fun with this project and want to share some of our thoughts and silly moments with an ever growing audience.
To do this we started this blog: dfppentertainment.wordpress.com
The story itself is centered around the young monk Coelestin, who loses everything when the King claims himself as god/divine king and his henchmen start to burn down all monasteries that would not accept this.
When he flees from the Capital City he meets Grace, one of the King’s hand maiden’s that had fled when she was supposed to become his mistress.
Together they set up to warn other monasteries of the King’s doings.
Later on they are  joined by Coelestin’s childhood friend Corwyn and Grace‘ long-lost brother Pride, but also by Isane, a young healer that wishes to help them in their course. Together they develop a plan to overthrow the King, even gaining help from rebels under the leadership of the charismatic Nero. But not everything goes according to plan.
Despite his vow of chastity Coelestin falls more and more in love with the woman at his side.
Unable to accept his feelings at first, he gives into them when Corwyn convinces him that not even god is against love.
After Coelestin had spent a night with Grace, all hell breaks loose – or rather Luzifer shows up for a visit.
The Lord of Hell makes him an offer: His very own help in their course against the King in exchange for the remaining soul of the monk – as he already has a part of it due to Coelestin committing the sin of Lust.
Once again the young man has to struggle with himself and becomes seriously ill.
And only one thing can help him: Acceptance for his situation – well and one of the arch angels telling him that it’s alright to love.
Beside that Michael gives him a task: He should continue his way as The Voice of God.
If you want to know how he does that, feel free to follow our blog for updates and more background and additional information.

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