Hello World

„Hello world“

Two words that symbolize a lot of meanings.
One way to „translate“ them could be:
„Hello world, I’m here, waiting for you to notice/acknowledge my existence.“

And of course those words are used in different contexts.
Normally one could think of a child’s birth at first.
Their crying merely saying: „Hello world, I’m here, entertain me.“
Then again it could simply stand for being the starting post for a Blog – just like this one.
Introducing yourself to the masses with a friendly „Hello“.

Though my personal association with those two words is different.
It is a way to try out something new in a foreign language.
Just as I am writing this Blog in my second language.
Therefore the meaning I learned is as follows:

public class HelloWorld{
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println("Hello World!");

(Please forgive the weird format, WordPress wont let me change it properly…)

And no, that is not what you can expect from this Blog.
It’s way more random than that…

There are way more interpretations of the words, but it is more fun to think about them yourself. 😉

With this I close for today and send you off to explore what I already added to this site.
Which basically are several stories of mine.

Enjoy your stay. 🙂


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