Re-Wri-Day: Travelling

While I wrote the post about Fernweh I decided that it was time to finally have a look at those two posts again.

ReWriDayWhat is the Re-Wri-Day?

Inspired by EdMooneyPhotography’s Re-Work-Wednesday and based on the fact that my writing style for this Blog has changed over the past years, I kind of created my own version of this.

But why the strange name and what does it mean?

I’m awful when it comes to puns and I couldn’t help myself but to turn re-write and Friday into one strange word: Re-Wri-Day. Sorry…
But in conclusion: These posts are supposed to be always published on a Friday, but not necessarily on every Friday, just the Fridays when I feel like editing an old post beforehand.

And what am I doing with this?

I am taking my old posts from the beginnings of writing this Blog or just former posts and read them again to see what things I can change or add. They wont necessarily be actually re-written, but some changes will be made.
In the Re-Wri-Day post I’ll also give you a couple of thoughts on why I had chosen the topic and stuff you might be interested in.

So, let’s have a look at the pages I changed: Through a bit of Germany 2012 and 2013

When I recently had a look at my old travelogues again I was struck by the sheer masses of texts.
So I did the only thing possible and added more line breaks and a few headlines and rephrased some sentences.
I hope this way the logs are easier to read and to enjoy.
And as I won’t make a Re-Wri-Day for the Re-Wri-Day’s, because that would be silly, I’m just stating it here:
Thanks to DarkFairy this category now also has a logo. 🙂

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