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Liebster Award #2

Okay, so I skipped three weeks of posting something (with good reasons, I assure you!) and you just get a measly tag instead. Sorry, I guess, but let me explain before I get further into it.
Skip-Week  #1: On Monday I could finally move back into my flat, well my furniture at least. I still had to get a new fridge (Hugo III. moved in on Wednesday) and carpet and basically clean everything. As I still commuted I was too exhausted to write anything.
Skip-Week #2: Cue the unpacking! I still have a long way to go as I took some liberties in my break-schedule, but that’s basically what I did.
Skip-Week #3: We’re currently in it, and you should get the long overdue WWW, but as I got down with a flue-thingy – that is kind of improving by now – I really didn’t feel like concentrating too much.
Instead I thought I dig up this old thing from a tag back in August 2015 (yes, last year) by Fissel to at least give you something to read on here. So, thank you Fissel and sorry for the delay. 😉
As the title suggests is this my second Liebster Award, so I’m just quoting the first one to tell you what the Award is about – if you don’t already know it:

It is used for getting out the word for unknown Blogs.
Liebster is [also] the German word for beloved partner or darling, in the Blogging sense, to me, it means a Blog you hold dear and greatly enjoy reading. So for me it is an honour to be granted this award and be able to give it to other Blogs I like.

Now for the Rules:

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Link to the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Add one of the „Liebster-Blog-Award“ Buttons to your post.
  • Answer the Questions.
  • Create 11 new Questions for the Bloggers you nominate.
  • Nominate 5-11 new Blogger with less than 300 Followers.
  • Inform the Blogger in a comment about their nomination

Fissel’s Questions*

(* as translated from her Blog)

  1. Why is it so hard for me to come up with a first question? Is it the same for you?
    The first question is probably always the hardest, because you have to get into the whole spirit of „What do I want to ask this other person?“. It’s the ice-breaker to start a conversation that gets the whole thing rolling. You put pressure on yourself to make it interesting, but in the end that doesn’t always work out, so you go back to what you feel comfortable with (in this case, asking others why it’s hard for you 😉 ). Am I close?I prefer setting the entire tone of a series of questions first before starting on individual ones, so it’s not that hard for me, I think…
  2. What do you like doing in public, that you’re not serious about, only because you’re amused by other people’s reaction?
    Hmm…good question… Probably my very dry/sarcastic jokes, even if they are only semi-public as I only tell them to the people I’m interacting with at that moment. At least most people don’t get I’m making a joke when they don’t know me that well and the reactions are always quite fun…
  3. What was the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard/read?
    I don’t remember…pick-up lines are generally quite stupid, so all of them?
  4. You’re part of an accident/get sick. What would be the worst that could happen to you?
    I hope I understood this question correctly. Aside from the obvious „being responsible for someone else’s death“ and dying, is losing my eye sight or sense of hearing probably the worst that could happen to me.
  5. Your ex starts a relationship with one of your friends shortly after you broke up. How would you react?
    Depends I guess. If it is sudden and without warning that those two were already attracted to each other while we were dating, I’d probably be very shocked and feel betrayed. If all parties talked about the situation beforehand, I think I might even be the one pushing them to try it…
  6. What’s your opinion on friends who’d do something like Question 5? Would that be okay, not okay or okay under certain circumstances?
    Again, depends. If it’s a consensual decision from all parties, I’d probably stay friends. If they just up and did it, I’d end the friendship with both parties. Unless I’m not part of this then I usually stick with the party that’s left behind, if it’s the second kind of split up.
  7. Would you study the same/get the same job again?
    No, I’d probably study proper Computer Science and not Computer Science and Business Management…or something entirely different…
  8. Your pet can suddenly talk to you. Do you think you’re on drugs or do you simply consider it to be awesome?
    Probably both – apart from the fact that I don’t have a pet. I’d be highly confused where that voice came from at first, but if it kept happening I’d accept it quite fast and feel very privileged and awesome about it. 😀
  9. What do you think was the first word you ever said?
    Mama or Papa probably, I think I had this conversation with my Mum, but I forgot which one it was…
  10. Which might be your last words?
    I don’t really want to know. Those words could give me a clue as to what happens, so no spoilers, please. 😉
  11. And last but not least: How would you describe the mood I was in while coming up with the questions?
    You were in a very complicated mood. Potentially someone dumped you in a very harsh way and you were still not over it, in addition to that did you want to finish a post for your Blog, but weren’t really in the mood for it so you churned out a few standard questions in addition to getting an opinion on your situation and called it a day. So, basically your mind was all over the place. 🙂

And the Nominees are…

As I’m seeing the Liebster-Award as something to give to people, who’s writing I enjoy I nominate Blogs that I enjoy reading, even if they probably already met the 300 Followers count.

  • Eve Estelle – Edge of Night: Fascinating poems, prompts and ideas and a great partner for discussions. After winning her writing competition twice and following her journey as a poet, I think, it’s time about to give something back.
  • Joseph – What’s Best In Life?: Want to read interesting and honest reviews on different media? Look right here! Well, if your German is good enough. 😉
  • Wren Collins – Cobweb Queen: In her vivisecting Supernatural-series we had a lot of interesting discussions. She has a great eye for details and connections and doesn’t stray from sharing them in a very fascinating way.

And that’s basically it. I’m not really a fan of the whole „nominating“ thing – especially as I can’t remember if anyone ever accepted one of my tags. These of course are not the only Blogs I follow, but some Bloggers were already nominated with other tags and for another tag, I still have lying around, I have a few other people in mind.

My Questions:

Okay, I admit I’m lazy again, but as none of my nominees from last time ever reacted, I’ll just recycle the questions and add an eleventh one, as I really like them…

  1. What is the best experience you ever had on a concert/at a festival/convention or any other social gathering?
  2. What is the strangest decoration you have at home?
  3. Are you collecting something? If so: What and why?
  4. What was your favourite plushy when you were a kid and what happened to it?
  5. If you had the choice: Would you start Blogging again and about the same topics you cover/ed?
  6. What do you prefer: A handwritten letter, a long e-mail or a short message on the phone/a social network?
  7. Which of your posts/categories you write in is dearest to you?
  8. Which movie/book/series/etc. would you like to read/watch/etc. again for the first time?
  9. What is the place you’ve always wanted to travel to, but so far hadn’t had the chance to do so?
  10. How much time could you spent without using any kind of digital formats/mediums? (Internet, mp3s, e-books, etc.)
  11. What is more frustrating? Discovering an incredible story/show only to find out that it was discontinued/cancelled or following a story/show (for years) that concludes in a very unsatisfying ending/finale?

Have fun, I know I’d like answering those questions. 😉
P.S. I know I posted two buttons, but I simply took the picture from Fissel’s Blog, so it’s her fault… 😉