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Doctor Who: 30 Days Challenge – Part 3

On my Tumblr page I participated in the Doctor Who Tumblrs 30 Days of Doctor Who Challenge and I thought I might as well give you the collected answers here as well. These are the third ten answers, you can find the first ten here and the second ten here.

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Day twenty-one: Name a planet that you’d like to visit in the TARDIS. Maybe you’d like to go to the planet the planet of slightly over-inflated beach balls, let us know!

Just like I said it would be the room, I spent most time in the Tardis  on Day 18, would I definitely not mind visiting The Library before the Vashta Nerada invaded it. I’m not sure if I even want to go into Earth’s future, as that would also show me what will become of my planet after I have long passed and that would be kind of creepy…
Other than that, do I not have definite plans for any planets and would be grateful for every world I’d be visiting and curious to explore them.

Day twenty-two: What songs would appear on your Doctor Who playlist? Make us a mixtape!

The songs I associate most with the series are the theme songs, the title music and „500 Miles„.
From the music I usually listen to can I only think of one song that at least has anything to do with space: Rhapsody of Fire – I belong to the Stars.
Guess the mixtape would consist of those songs.

Day twenty-three: What would your Time Lord name be? The Magician? The Carpenter?

I’m not sure if I even want to be a Time Lord as that title brings a lot of responsibilities and stuff…
But to choose a name it would probably be something like The Thinker or The Creator/Writer/Storyteller as I like to think up stories, write them down or share them verbally with those, who want to listen to them.

Day twenty-four: Take a picture with something irl that you think could be from Doctor Who?

Again the picture „with something“ that I skipped.

Day twenty-five: What’s your favorite Doctor Who art? Make sure to give the artist credit if it’s not yours!

As I have no idea which of all those many brilliant things out there I skipped this one too…

Day twenty-six: Show us your best Doctor Who cosplay but you can only use things you can find in your closet.

I don’t (have a) cosplay to show, so I had to skip again…

Day twenty-seven: Who is your favorite Doctor Who-related tumblr that isn’t us?

And another skip as I don’t know that many Tumblr who fit the bill…

Day twenty-eight: Write an episode summary for Series 8! What do you think the Twelfth Doctor and Clara will have to face?

If I knew the character of the new Doctor better this probably wouldn’t be much of a problem, but an episode like this would be interesting:
The Doctor and Clara strand in a desert and stumble upon a group of researchers. Together they find the way into a buried ancient city. Setting out to explore it they find prove that other people have discovered this before them and that none of them had made it out again.

Day twenty-nine: Who is your favorite Time Lord other than the Doctor? The Rani? The Master?

The Master is quite fun in a strange kind of way, especially John Simms version. From what I saw of the old Master – the Roger Delgado version – does he seem even stranger than Simms, as they had the hypnosis part still in his character and the shots of that looked rather silly. Other than that have I not seen that much of other Time Lords like the Rani. The most I know about her and a couple of others is from the the story „The Ten Doctors“ by Comic artist Rich Morris.

Day thirty (20 July): Make a TARDIS out of things you find in your room!

I thought about doing this, but unfortunately I don’t have fitting materials nor the patients to actually build a TARDIS I’d be satisfied enough showing…
I had fun doing this challenge and I hope you at least enjoyed it a bit as well.
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Doctor Who: 30 Days Challenge – Part 2

On my Tumblr page I participate in the Doctor Who Tumblrs 30 Days of Doctor Who Challenge and I thought I might as well give you the collected answers here as well. These are the second ten answers, you can find the first ten here and the last ten will be covered later.

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Day eleven: Name a who-ism you use irl! Do you like to run around saying allons-y? Do you tell people not to blink?

As the majority of people I’m around wouldn’t get who-ism’s as such, I rarely use any. Though there is the occasional „Allons-y“ or Cyberman/Dalek-quote around those that do get them. But the most quoted phrase is „Are you my Mummy?“ as the festivals I attend, usually have at least one booth selling gas masks…

Day twelve: Come up with a name for a Doctor Who recipe! Something like Davros donuts or Prisoner Zero pizza.

I barely cook/bake/etc. anything and you expect me to name a recipe? No, sorry, this task is too challenging for me…
Besides it probably wouldn’t be more creative than „Fishfingers and Custard“ anyway…

Day thirteen: Who would be your ideal Team TARDIS?

Puh…I liked the combination in Journeys End and it’d be interesting to see something like that happen with other companions, but I am of the belief that there is no such thing as an ideal Team TARDIS. If the combination fits, it doesn’t matter who is occupying the space ship, either as Doctor or as companion.

Day fourteen: Mods are asleep! Anything goes!

Well, if anything goes then I’ll be using this day to advertise a bit for the Doctor Who-posts on my Blog.
Instead of posting one for the series in general, my first post was about the Bad Wolf Day in 2013 and where I subsequently „hid“ the slices of paper I had prepared in a fit of nerdiness.
The next ones were then a couple of months later for the 50th anniversary and a review for The Day of the Doctor special.
Still the one that would become my most viewed post was still to come.
In the beginning of this year I wrote an analysing tale for the Elevator Meme that seemed to be interesting for quite some people and has a huge presence of the Eleventh Doctor, but when I posted my post about the 2048 Doctor Who Edition, the clicks came in like for no other post before that (by now more than 1500 have looked at it since April).  The fact that the latter post is higher than the Kasteborous version in the Google search for the topic, is still quite creepy…
Anyway, I am pretty sure there will be more Doctor Who related post (excluding the posts with the collected answers for this challenge).

Day fifteen: Which regeneration of the Doctor would you most like to meet and why?

From what I’ve seen so far I am pretty sure that each Doctor would be interesting to meet. They all have their own interesting stories to tell and their own unique way to share them. You’d have seriousness with the First, Second and Ninth (and War), lots of research and technical developments with the Third and Tenth, silliness with the Fourth and Eleventh, compassion with the Fifth and Eighth and more interesting character trades with the the Sixth and Seventh. Meeting either of them would be fascinating, but it would most likely also mean that I’m in big trouble. So, I’m not so sure if I even WANT to meet the Doctor. 😀

Day sixteen: Which episode or scene made you feel all the feels?

There were several episodes of the new era that made me go emotional, but most of all The End of Time Pt. 2 and again Journeys End, that I also mentioned as one of my favourite episodes with day five. Vincent and the Doctor also had a strong emotional grasp on me, but more for how they helped Van Gogh and not because of what happened in the episode like in the other ones.

Day seventeen: Name a crossover that you’d love to see.

Crossovers are something I really enjoy if they are made well and Doctor Who has the potential to be combined with many other series/movies/books/etc.. The one you most come across is probably (Super)WhoLock – the Tumblr-Trinity so to speak. While it sounds fun, I am not sure how that would actually work. I tried thinking up a setting regarding the semi-popular Elevator Meme where not just those two (three) meet up, but also several other Fandoms.

Day eighteen: The TARDIS has a near infinite number of rooms including a swimming pool, a library, and a swimming pool inside the library. Which room would you like to spend time in?

So many, many rooms to choose from… Aside from me wanting to explore every last one of them would I probably spent a lot of time in the library. Who wouldn’t want to have a look at all those different books?

Day nineteen: What’s your favorite Doctor Who-related youtube video?

I’m not that much of a Youtuber, but I enjoyed the 500 Miles cast video and its fan made answer. I also like the self-made trailers and crossovers, so many incredible people have created.

Day twenty: Think of the last movie you saw. Would the protagonist be a good companion? Or maybe they’d be the villain?

When I first read this question the last movie was X-Men: Days of Future Past and I doubt the mutants would make either good companions or villains, simply because there abilities are too different to what exists in the Who(ni)verse and the whole setting would be quite strange…it would be one of those Crossovers that wouldn’t really work without much thought put into it.
The actual last movie I’ve seen is „The Intouchables“ and I guess you could put Driss and Philippe in a setting with The Doctor as one time companions. It’d probably be one of their strange adventures, in a way like „Vincent and The Doctor„, and I can see that one happening better than the X-Men one.
In ten days you will get the last set of answers for the challenge. If you want to get them on time just follow my Tumblr page: Poisonpainter
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Doctor Who: 30 Days Challenge – Part 1

As one challenge isn’t enough I also participate in the Doctor Who Tumblrs 30 Days of Doctor Who Challenge on my Tumblr page and I thought I might as well give you the collected answers here as well. These are the first ten answers the other twenty will be covered separately.

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Day one (21 June): Who was your first Doctor?

For this one I’d like to simply quote my Post for the 50th anniversary of the show:

The first ever episode that, I think, I watched was “Tooth and Claws” with David Tennant as The Doctor. I decided to watch this episode because it had werwolves in it and as I am actually not that much into Sci-Fi and more into Fantasy stuff I just wanted to see how they did that. Needless to say I was pretty confused by it and didn’t watch more of it for quite a while.
But as I still also had enjoyed watching it and some other snippets from flipping through the TV channels and I later wanted to know what all these quotes and pictures on Tumblr pages were about, I gave it another try.
And what can I say? I’ve been hooked ever since.
Christopher Eccleston‘s Ninth Doctor with his grinning in the face of danger just made me keep watching. It’s a pity he’d only been with the show for one season, but it was a fantastic season.

In short: Even though Tennant was the first I actually saw, do I consider Eccleston to be my first Doctor, as he was the one that got me hooked on the show.

Day two: Who is your favorite companion, either full time or one off?

As I still haven’t seen that much of the classic series can I not include every companion in my consideration, but from the new series my favourite companion is definitely Donna. I not just like her comebacks and attitude, but also the fact that she is an everyday woman with a none-en-vogue stature (aka not skinny). It’s also quite nice to see someone disagree with The Doctor in such a fun way and so often. Of course the other companions argue with him as well, but so far none of them made it to the „Donna, Human, No“-Level she set. Her leaving was a horrible moment for me and I really like the fanmade ending where The Doctor one day returns her memories, when she is about to pass away.
Other great companions that I like include the highly underrated Martha and of course Sarah Jane, as beautiful bridge between the old and the re-newt series.
Recently I watched a couple of classic episodes and from them and some other stuff I am pretty certain that Ace will become a character I probably like nearly as much as Donna. Just like Jamie and Liz also seem to become some of my favourites and Zoe, whom I already admire for her skills.

Day three: Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver. We know it doesn’t do wood, but can it clean up spilled drinks?

As I’m not that inventive and far too logic driven, I guess the new feature would be one that actually had something to do with emitting sonic waves. It would be good for sending understandable messages to species that use those to communicate and not for destroying their ear drums. 😉

Day four: Who has been your favorite historical appearance? Was it Madame de Pompadour? Maybe Winston Churchill?

There were so many interesting ones already that I don’t really want to decide. Though the one that got me emotionally the most was Vincent Van Gogh. It was just such a brilliant moment when The Doctor and Amy brought him to the exhibition in the future and the curator said all those wonderful things about him.
My other favourite appearances would be William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as I really enjoyed their episodes; especially the „Expelliarmus„.

Day five: What’s your favorite episode?

There are so many great episodes that I like to re-watch on occasion and that I always enjoy, but I think my most favourite episodes are „The Stolen Earth“ and „Journeys End“ due to all the companions participating and saving the day together with the Doctor. The feeling I get from those episodes is also present in the incredible anniversary special „Day of the Doctor„. I guess I just like it when different aspects of a story come together. Other episodes I like include „The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances„, „The End of Time„, „Midnight„, „The Eleventh Hour“ and „The Lodger„.

Day six: If you were the Doctor, what would your catch phrase be? Ahoy, mateys? To infinity and beyond?

As I don’t want to be the Doctor I can’t imagine having any kind of catch phrase, I don’t even have a phrase I regularly say in everyday conversation and even if I had one I’d probably be annoyed by it after using it a couple of times…
Surprisingly the Doctor’s catch phrases never bothered me while watching the series, it’s rather the overuse within the Fandom that’s bugging me.

Day seven: Take a selfie in front of a TARDIS! It could be a poster, a toy, a drawing, anything! Just make sure to tag it with #infrontofthetardis!

I skipped this one. Apart from the fact that I don’t have a Tardis nearby, do I generally not post pictures of myself online.

Day eight: What’s your favorite Doctor Who audio adventure? If you don’t listen to the audios, click here tell us which summary you think sounds exciting!

I’m not that much into audio books, but I guess the one that would interest me the most would be „The Light at the End“ as anniversary story.

Day nine: Which Doctor Who alumni would you like to bring back? This could be either a character or an actor, your choice!

I wouldn’t mind if The Doctor would meet some more of his old companions, like he did with Sarah Jane, Liz and the Brigadier. It is so very unfortunate that we will never see Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney reprise their roles as Sarah Jane and the Brigadier again…
It’d be interesting to see if they recognized each other and how they would interact. I’d also like if some of his newer companions would return again, like Martha and Jack for example. And of course Donna, as she is – like I wrote for Day Two – my favourite so far.

Day ten: What’s your favorite piece of music from the show? Did you like Vale Decem? Or perhaps Rose’s Theme?

The theme for Eleven (I am the Doctor) was fun and exciting, as it always started when the action was about to climax, but in general do I not really know the names of the themes and simply enjoy them. Though the song that stuck with me most beside that theme was „I can’t decide“ by the Scissor Sisters that was ordered to be played by the Master in „Last of the Time Lords„. It was just so fitting and fun to watch.
In ten days you will get the next set of answers for the challenge. If you want to get them on time just follow my Tumblr page: Poisonpainter
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