The Seven Deadly Sins concerning Books

I was tagged, by DarkFairy, to think about the Seven Deadly Sins when it comes to books.
Each sin has at least one question and you’ll find my answers (and the translated questions) below.
And I know this is a horrible introduction, but I got lazy, so let’s start with:

Acedia – Sloth

Which book do you ignore to read because of Laziness?
Until recently that was Lord of the Rings, but I’m slowly fighting against my own laziness and reading it one by one for last years Summer Book Challenge by BiblioSmiles. But it still isn’t the thick version we own, but the split English ones I got from the library…and I only just finished Part One…
Aside from that do I believe every book I haven’t read yet falls into this category…
Which book influenced your life?
Somehow I think Faust, as I learned to appreciate literature in a different way through the teacher that gave us additional lessons for this book.
Other than that, I think I’ll go for the usual suspect: Harry Potter that taught me (amongst other things) that being smart/different isn’t that big of a deal.

Superbia – Pride

Which book gives you the feeling to be more literate/knowledgeable than your fellow human beings?
So far none really, unless you count conversations with non-readers were you can smart off about the books you’ve read. Though I think I’m proud of having read some of the German classics (Faust, Nathan the Wise) and went through the more scientific Discworld books (The Science of the Discworld).

Avaritia – Greed

Which one was your cheapest book?
Logically, is every book that I got as a gift my cheapest book, as I did not have to pay any money for them. 😉 (Kinder des Judas was a gift for example)
Which one was your most expensive book?
Several books were quite expensive and I do shy away from paying too much for a book, but I can’t give you any prices as I cannot or do not want to remember them, as that would be depressing…

Invidia – Envy

Which book would you love to get as a present?
For quite some time I wanted to have „Ein überdimensionales Meerschweinchen frisst die Erde auf“ (An oversized guinea pig devours the world) the biography of the German band Die Ärzte (The Doctors), but with a price of about 50€ it was a bit too cheap for my taste and I wouldn’t have minded to get it as a present. By now I read the book thanks to our library and the „Own-Effect“ settled down. Other than that am I happy about every book I get as a present – unless I already have it. 😉

Ira – Wrath

For which book do you feel love and hate at the same time?
Hmm…I do believe the books in the Anita Blake series fall into this category. I like the cases and the side characters are great and stuff, but I absolutely cannot stand her…
Apart from that are most books either Hate-books, where hate is more like utter dislike (The Catcher in the Rye, Kabale und Liebe/Love and Intrigue) or Love (Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire) or a simple lack of care, which kind of falls into the Sloth-category again.
Which book was the hardest to get?
Let’s put it this way: If I can’t find a book through the usual means (store, internet, library) I give up quite soon and stop looking for it. And what I feel in moments like that is more disappointment then wrath. 😉

Gula – Glottony

Which book makes you hungry?
I guess like Fairy and Fissel already wrote: Cookbooks.
Though in general do the descriptions of feasts sound quite tasty and interesting at times. (The cookbook for AsoIaF sound especially interesting…)

Luxuria – Lust

Which book has the most attractive hero?
Richard Zeeman from the Anita Blake series sounds quite nice, but I don’t care about that in general, let alone remember it most of the time…

Your turn!

Well, as far as tags go, you keep spreading them, but as I don’t feel like doing that:
Feel free to use the translated or the original version of the questions to write about this yourself!
And I’m now off to the Reading Stage (Lesebühne) again, let’s see how I’ll cope this time…

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