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Bad Wolf Day 2014

As I just noticed – through increased clicks on the post – today is again Bad Wolf Day, so have a look at my post from last year.
I do not participate this year – as I just noticed it – and am not really sure if it even is today or now officially on the 11th as I haven’t read anything about it, but I thought a reblog could still be interesting to some.
If you’re interested: I haven’t had any replies from the papers I’ve „hidden“.

Bad Wolf Day 2013: "Hiding" Spots

As I told you this morning, today is Bad Wolf Day! (Find out more about it in the last post).
And as I now have placed all my slips of papers I’ll be posting the pictures of the „Hiding“ Spots. (They are both below and on my FaceBook page you can find on the right side)
As I’d also like to talk a little bit about them you can find some notes with the pictures and additional thoughts below the Gallery.

Well, I had made 11 slips of papers, one for each Doctor, but somehow #10 and #11 – for whom I had rather fitting spots, just slipped away and started off their journey on their own…
#10 blew away when I was about to put #9 into place and #11 probably fell out when I had put #2 into the Manga. Therefore only nine where actually placed. I kind of see this as a sign, as it was the Ninth Doctor that encountered BAD WOLF. 😀
Through this I kind of could change the places I had in mind for the other Doctors, that did not have one at that time.
But let me tell you what I had in mind:
My first idea for him was, to put him in a book in the library, but as I looked for what was available, I not only discovered that our local library did not have anything from the series, but that it in fact only had one novel from Torchwood
Beside that book I also found two interesting sounding books with „Who is who“ in their title – one about Science Fiction, the other about British History.
Unfortunately the latter two were no longer among the public inventory and would have to be ordered and that’s not what I wanted…
Anyway,  I then decided to pick another Doctor and put him somewhere more fitting – and don’t ask me why I only had the idea for the Sixth Doctor first….
As I wrote for the picture Germany used to have huge yellow telephone boxes and I kind of miss those as they were more fun – yet more warm and filthy – than those glass and pole thingies you can see in the picture.
Where to place him was unknown to me for quite some time. Then I remembered that I had just bought a copy of Kazue Kato’s OneShot collection Time Killers and I simply hoped they would still have some issues in the bookstore.
As I wrote for the picture the store used to be called „Weiland“ which is approximately pronounced as: „Vailand“ – just with the weird way of pronouncing vowels in German – and it still reminds me of Valeyard…even though it was the Sixth who had his introduction I still picked that place for two…
This was the first paper I placed today and it was also the first where I knew where to place it.
I don’t know why. Okay, I think it was about the same time when I thought that #11 should have gotten a place in the bus as well, but still the first on my list.
And as I wrote above the slip of paper for #11 just vanished between placing #2 and #9…guess he did not want to take the bus…
This one was certain from the start as well. I wanted to put him next to Doctor Who DVDs, as I am looking forward to finally seeing his episodes/seasons, but as you can see and read above, there where no such things and the help I asked did not even no what Doctor Who was…(thought it was an interpreter…)…
Anyway, I instead found many seasons of another doctor (and yes, that’s the price season eight has in Germany), so I put him with those.
Number 5, the celery man. 😀
And therefore he needed to be placed where there is food and preferably vegetables. 😀
Originally I thought we would go to the soup bar, as we did quite a bunch of Mondays before, but the soup did not sound that tasty, so instead we went to the place with the fake plants.
(On a side node: The black fabric in the background are My two colleagues from the post before the last one 😉 )
This one had the note „telephone box“ next to it…but it ended up in a Hamlet novel – a version I actually read in grammar school – where I wanted to put #10s after much ado (I at first wanted to put him among Pratchett novels, then among the Harry Potter books I could not find and lastly among the Shakespeare works).
But for some reason his paper flew away when I was trying to get #9s…so #6 got his place.
Seven actually made it into the Torchwood book I had found in the library.
It was nice seeing the library for the first time after it had to move due to reconstructions in their old place. Confusing, but nice. And the woman from the reception did not know Doctor Who either, but they might order some stuff now 😉
As #8 was the Doctor that came to being in an Hospital – if I remember correctly – and the building is also called House of Doctors (a Medical Centre) I thought it was just fitting…
Besides Doctor Who is also partly a children’s show and that part read: paediatrics. I wanted to hang it near a sign saying „Humanmedizin“ (human medicine), but I could not find any…or it was too high for me to reach…
As soon as I remembered the wolf-statue I just had to put his paper there. After all it was him who encountered the BAD WOLF. 😀
Well, as #10 and #11 went missing and as I said what I had planned for them before, this is all.
I still don’t know if I participate on the 11th again and if anyone replies from one of my papers, but it was fun. 😀
And if I participate again I take the companions names and put them according to that.
I already know where I would put the one for Jack 😀
For Rory too, but for that I would have to ask IceWolf to get his paper to the Roman Museum I talked about in my travel report (Through a bit of Germany ’12). 🙂
Maybe we’ll see us with the next Bad Wolf Day 🙂
© Copyright for the displayed goods and the statue lie with their creators.

Bad Wolf Day 2013

Happy Bad Wolf Day everyone! 🙂
Or as happy as this day can be seeing what it is about.

But what is Bad Wolf Day?

Bad Wolf Day is a fan-celebration for the British television show Doctor Who.
In case you REALLY don’t know what that is:
Doctor Who centres around a time travelling alien being called The Doctor.
Usually The Doctor travels with one or more companions, mostly humans, to whom he shows the vastness of the universe. Their adventures are shown to the television audience since 1963 (with a break from 1989 until the reboot in 2005, plus a movie in 1996), this year having its 50th anniversary.
One of his many companions was Rose Tyler, a normal 19 year old girl from London 2005.

He meets her in his Ninth incarnation (he is a Time Lord, therefore he has the convenient ability to regenerate into a new body when he is about to die – which also is a good way to use different actors for a long running series 😉 ) and they develop quite a special bound based on trust and protective instincts.
Anyway – and this is kind of an Spoiler, but also the essence of what this day is based on – , during one of their adventures The Doctor is faced with quite a bad situation and sends Rose back to Earth to save her. Of course she does not want to stay there and wants to help him. She gains access to the energy of the TARDIS (his space-and-time vehicle; short for: Time And Relative Dimension In Space, a blue police box from the 60s that you might have seen somewhere before 😉 ) and flies it back to him.
Throughout their journey they had encountered the words „Bad Wolf“ several times and with this energy within her, she realizes it was her that put all those writings in all those places, as clues for herself, that she would realize that she is: the „Bad Wolf“ and that she would this time save The Doctor.

Bad Wolf Day 2013 Flyer

Bad Wolf Day is a reminisce of that moment in the series.
The fans – the so called Whovians – are told to go out and write the words on slips of paper, on sidewalks, everywhere. Just to spread the words, to „help“ and so forth.

This year, and I found it through the Facebook Fan-Page: Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S., it is said to be today: 3. June 2013.  [Edit: I’ve added a different picture of the flyer as the FB-version is no longer available] (There is also the variation, that it is on the June 11th as that was the original date when the episode „Bad Wolf“ aired.)

And feeling a bit nerdy yesterday, made me not just write a bunch (well Eleven, as that is still his hour, I mean, current incarnation) of papers where I wrote the words Bad Wolf and the tag #badwolfday2013 on it, but I also wrote a little note on the back side where I asked to pass along the slip of paper and give me a note where they found it. Pictures of where I put the papers will be added to my FaceBook Page later today. [Edit: They are also added here: „Hiding“ Spots]

Bad Wolf Day

The Papers for Bad Wolf Day 2013

I’m quite curious if that actually works and if I get any replies…(And just to make sure they find the right side I will temporarily make the last post the Home Page and not the static page I usually use.)

So, if you came here because you found one of my papers:
Please leave your note in the comments below or if you’ve even taken a picture of where you’ve found it, you can post it on my FaceBook Page (see the right side for the link).

Wenn du hier bist, weil du einen der Zettel gefunden hast:

Bitte hinterlasse deine Rückmeldung unten als Kommentar oder wenn du sogar ein Foto gemacht hast, von der Stelle an dem du ihn gefunden hast, kannst du das auch auf meiner FaceBook Seite posten (siehe rechts für den Link).

And maybe, just for fun, I will do the same thing on June 11th again. 🙂