Neubrandenwolf (ENG)

An IT guy, a Biologist and a Corporate Consultant share a secret that makes their lives a little more complicated. Find out more in this twelfth Chapter story.

  • Chapter 1 – December: Winter Moon
  • Chapter 2 – January: Wolf Moon
  • Chapter 3 – February: Snow Moon
  • Chapter 4 – March: Crow Moon
  • Chapter 5 – April: Water Moon
  • Chapter 6 – May: Planting Moon
  • Chapter 7 – June: Flower Moon
  • Chapter 8 – July: Thunder Moon
  • Chapter 9 – August: Lonely Moon
  • Chapter 10 – September: Hunter’s Moon
  • Chapter 11 – October: Blood Moon
  • Chapter 12 – November: Frost Moon

Places and situations are partly based on my own life in the town of Neubrandenburg, you can find more information on that and other Behind the Scenes things in the respective chapter-posts.
Neubrandenwolf is the working title, my current alternative is „The Year of the Moon“, if anyone has a better idea, feel free to let me know. 😀


Das erste Kapitel des Neubrandenwolfs ist in einer verlängerten, deutschen Fassung als „Wintermond“ in der Weihnachtsanthologie des Bundesamts für Magische Wesen veröffentlicht worden: Weihnachten und andere Amtsangelegenheiten.



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