Short Stories

This part is for my English short stories.

Available stories as separate pages:

The Quest for Ore – An unusual quest for two young dwarfs, exploring the depths of their mines.
<To be continued>

Available stories as posts:

Advent Calendar- Stories – The stories from my Advent Calendar 2014 (including a PDF version with all stories)
The Raven’s Omen – The black birds fly high into the sky to bring warning to everyone who crosses their path.
My winning entry for Eve of Night’s writing contest.


Campfire Tales – Trust is a fragile thing. It can take years to build and seconds to shatter. A group of friends, an ancient tale and the breaking of trust.
My winning entry for Eve of Night’s writing contest.

The Crib – The English version of my entry for the Literary Advent Calendar of the Bücherstadt Kurier, where a quite interesting crib is described.
Santa’s Helper – A spontaneously written Tale about a woman helping out Santa.
<To be continued>

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