The "Cast"

As I frequently talk about one or the other person that accompanies me on my journeys, to concerts/festivals or wherever, I’d like to give you an overview about the who-is-who, so you can understand my ramblings a little better.
People I know from The Forum:

Name Description
DarkFairy The one that probably appears the most.
She is the second author of our book „Warlords“ (for more information go here: and also has her own Blog (in German, look here: DarkFairys Senf) and is one of the most fun and irritating people to be around. 🙂
Nazgul He is the first person I made acquaintance with and who still sticks around. He is a complete nerd when it comes to everything computer- or Japan- or Star Trek-related. He has his quirks, but he is still someone that always has a weird remark to get your head off of things. 🙂 Besides: We managed to meet up at least once a year for several years since we know each other.
Liathano A woman with many interesting hobbies and interests. She also writes in German about all her experiences: Wege der Magie She allowed me to use her couch for one or the other night that I spend in Berlin and showed me some interesting places.
Another blogger and authoress. She has several blogs (e.g.: 1000 Worte ) and a continuing story on Facebook (Puks Chroniken) all in German though.
A friend of Feuerflügel and Nazgul and another (German/English) Blogger (see: Fantasy and more…) and occasional authoress, that by now lives in Australia.

The people from the Black Pack (a group of people mostly dressing in black, enjoying dark music):

My colleague/Black Kat Well, for the first few posts she was only described as „My colleague“, as I didn’t really have a nickname for her – the only ones I could think of was quite offensive…She allowed me to use her real first name, but I think that is not that much fun 😉 But we could agree on „Black Kat“ with the Weekend of Horros post.
Other than that she is a great person that also introduced me to a whole bunch of funny (,“black“ 😉 ) people and mostly always has an open ear for my ramblings. Interesting how a mere „Schandmaul„-shirt can lead to acquaintanceship.
Anice As her actual (nick)name in the group and my real name sound quite similar it causes the occasional confusion. She shares my interest for museums and I hope we soon can explore one or the other together. 🙂
Iron Eve She shares my interest in Anime and Manga and I might have enlarged hers a little more than it used to be.
In the Hina Matsuri post she is referred to as „pal“ (the one that so funnily told the cow-story), while later in the MPS post she gets this name.

People I know through studying, school or work:

Janzy A fellow student from my year. As she loves Jazz we went to the Jazzfrühling together. 2014 we flew to Ireland, in 2016 we explored London and in 2017 Prague, Vienna and Budapest.
Breagit Another of my colleagues that I spent time with.
My colleague and fellow student/ Lil‘ kat In our company we have several age-groups of students and she is among one of them.
Two years below me, with a similar interest in music as I do.
We went to a Crematory-concert together in 2012 and met up a couple of times in Berlin.
(Other) Fellow students There are several of them.
The guy I’ve been at the Sabaton concert with and organized  our trip to Wacken 2013.
The girl that we (Laupi and I ) persuaded to come with us to the Sabaton concert.
The guy I’ve attended that one MPS with. The one that’s in my age-group in my company that I complained to about the buses.
And of course the wonderful people (women) I’ve (indirectly) mentioned in my Milestones post, and one of them in the Hina Matsuri post.
Blackwolf A childhood friend of mine and primary school classmate. We used to have a lot more contact than what we have now…
Through her I’ve met Icewolf and she accompanied me to my first Wacken.

The People that I know from other than the above places and that still need to be mentioned:

IceWolf The guy that caused me to start listening to Metal. He also introduced me to Minecraft, causing me to so far write two dwarve-stories, and is fun to discuss movies and comics with.
Every now and then he writes something (in German) for his blog: *click*
Unmei The woman I met on the bus and who has become a dear friend.

Let me know if I forgot someone…

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