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BAfMW: Not just for Magical Creatures

You think Fantastic Beasts and where to find them is just make believe?
You think stories of Magical Creatures are only Fairy Tales?
Then you are quite certainly mistaken.
Or you simply haven’t heard of the BAfMW, the

Bundesamt für Magische Wesen* (Federal Office for Magical Creatures)

before. 😉


The „Bundeslurch“

Existing in the shadows for centuries the BAfMW stepped into the light a couple of years ago to spread the word about and care for the Magical community under the sign of the Bundeslindwurm or Bundeslurch (Federal Lindworm/Amphibian). Responsible for all Magical Creatures residing in Germany the BAfMW tells you, with a twinkle in their eye, how you have to handle your pet-Dragons or how you have to deal with Angels that are suffering from Bird Flu.
With different decrees and reports from current happenings in the hidden world in relation to those happening for all to see, you soon discover that being a Magical Creature (in Germany) can be just as bureaucratic as being human.
Still all lot of good comes from the work of the BAfMW.
How else would lonely Vampires and Orcs find their perfect match if it wasn’t for EliteVampire.de and Orkship.de*?
How else would the Scientists Dr. Acula and Dr. Frank N. Stein have found out that Unicorn-Mare Milk cured the Bird Flu* in certain draconian Species?
How else would Werwolves wanting to enter the United States* have been warned not to do so after a local pack had been hunted down?
Just to name a few.

My favourite decree (Verordnung/VO):
Angels are only (Celestial) Poultry and potential carriers of H5N8. They are subject to veterinary measures to combat the Bird Flu. Their population can be culled if necessary.
sig. Edmund F. Dräcker*
BAfMW-VO 2014/10-18*

In addition to that do they also make appearances on (Christmas) markets or conventions to be visible to the public eye and inform the citizens about their work.

An important message

What they spread through their decrees and other works is basically just this: Acceptance and Tolerance.
Not just for Magical Creatures, but most importantly for people.
A couple of months ago many different authors – including Evanesca – got together to write fantastical tales about Magical Creatures having to leave their homes and seeking refuge in a new place or struggling to do so. The money collected from this (e-)book directly goes on to help refugees* that have come to Germany and I’m already curious to read it (my copy arrived in the mail on Saturday).
Their newest campaign wants to create a memorial for those lost in the Florida Shooting that happened due to hatred and prejudices regarding their sexuality. They want to create a giant painting on the façade of the Office building including Creatures featuring the likeness of two of the victims and others that suffered similar fates.
If you want to help create this incredible sign against hatred, bigotry and prejudices feel free to check out the campaign page and leave a few Euro as donation.
They need quite a lot to fill that wall and make it stick so no idiots can smear across it.

To oppose Hatred – The Façade Project of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures

(German Version: Dem Haß entgegentreten – das Fassadenprojekt des Bundesamtes für Magische Wesen)
If you need help understanding anything or have questions don’t hesitate to ask – me or the Office themselves through the Homepage or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.
If you can’t help, I still recommend reading through the articles on the homepage, they’re brilliant and quite informative. 😉
* All links marked like this are currently only available in German. They’re working on translating them and apparently was I enlisted to help as well, as soon as I get the author rights for the page…