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I’m aware that this has nothing to do with Fairy Tales, but I want to share my „insider tips“ (Geheimtipps) with you and Aleshanee’s Blogparade is the fitting wrap for it.

Aleshanee asks:

Present up to 5 book insider tips, that excited you and where you think they didn’t get noticed in the masses of hypes and new releases.

First of all: I will tell you why the books are great, you can read what they are about through clicking on the covers which will lead you to their Goodreads pages.
Also: None of the books I want to introduce you to was published this year. The „youngest“ is from 2016, the oldest from 1986 as I just realized. 😀
We’ll then let’s start with that one:

The Hyde Effect

I’m fairly certain this was one of my very first Werwolf novels, both in regards to reading and buying. I was so excited when I first saw it in the catalogue of the EMP and wanted to have it right away, even if it might have been an age 16 novel and I might have not been that age. Luckily it was just as great as I expected it to be. I’m still fascinated by the cover and the story itself is – from what I remember after reading it about ten years ago – pretty amazing. It has action, great and fun characters, thrilling life-and-death situations and is just a not so cuddly Werwolf story. The sequel Shapes did unfortunately not keep up with that and was rather disappointing. 🙁

Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

on the other hand consists mostly of the cuddly wolf kind. 😀 It’s an anthology by and with Sookie Stackhouse authoress Charlaine Harris. It has many different kinds of stories about Werwolves around Christmas time (including a Sookie special). Though the two things I remember most are the rogue Santa’s hunting Werwolves and of course the Wer-Coral. That is just such a weird idea that I keep telling people about it whenever the topic of wer-creature comes around. Which is surprisingly often. 😀
Speaking of weird stories, ever heard of

Fledermausland? (Bat Country)

Named after a certain scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas this German novel is one of the strangest and most hilarious I’ve ever come across. Dierssen uses ordinary every day things and turns them into something strange and unexpected. Back in the day when The Forum was still fresh and new we read this alongside the author, but unfortunately those topics don’t exist any more, so I can’t check what I wrote. What I do know is that everyone who liked the novel got a free PDF of an additional story about one of the characters. He has created several of them, but that’s the only one I’ve read (so far?).
Speaking of series:


As part of The Gamers universe this is a different perspective into the way those stories work. Where the webseries switches between Pen&Paper players and characters, this does the same with video game characters and their players. I already talked about this while reading it, so have a small excerpt here:

It’s a bit strange to read the switch between gamer and character, but it’s well done and you still know when the perspective is no longer the one looking at it from the outside. As in all of his (their) work you really know that it’s done by a gamer who loves what he’s doing. It reflects in the chosen words, the descriptions, the little things added to the story (like tips for new gamers at the start of every chapter). It’s just great to have something like this, combined with great characters.

How can I now lead over to the last one? It’s both a series and it has great characters; it’s more or less old (2003/2005) and just sounded interesting. Ah to hell with it:

Sam Linnifer: Waywalkers (Lucifer) & Timekeepers (Satan)

When I first saw this book in my local library I was intrigued. Lucifer being the good guy, saving the day? It is as strange as it sounds, but at the same time absolutely fascinating and great. Webb weaves the world of Myths & Legends and Ancient Gods & Goddesses like they are just normal characters, yet you still know that it’s not a trivial challenge they face. I really need to re-read these two. I’ve been putting it off for quite some time now and I think it might be especially interesting now that I’ve read Good Omens, but maybe I should wait until after I read American Gods
Anyway, these are the five I was allowed to introduce you to (Number five is no cheating, you have to read both to fully understand the story 😉 ).

Still as a Bonus I want to give you this one because it’s not the genre I usually read, but it still impressed me:

Why Angels never play Harmonica

I’m really not the kind of person who reads books like this, which already seem like love stories, but when I read the blurb after Tintenfleck mentioned it after Karin’s story during the #Projekt24 I was simply curious about it. The whole thing just sounded hilarious and fun and that’s what it was in the end. Sure it had a few passages where it was obvious what would happen in the end, but the way there was incredibly hilarious. It’s just a great and fluffy story that I really wanted to recommend you, after all those not so fluffy ones above. 😀
Anything you can recommend? Do any of mine sound interesting to you?



  1. Hi!
    Freut mich sehr dass du auch mitgemacht hast!
    Ich versteh zwar nur die Hälfte von dem englisch *lach* aber das letzte sieht toll aus mit dem Engelsflügel!
    Auf jeden Fall interessante Bücher – ich kenne davon nur die Luzifer Dilogie, die fand ich auch klasse 🙂
    Aber Fledermausland sieht irgendwie auch witzig aus!
    Ich hab deinen Beitrag notiert und am 7. Juli kommt auf meinem Blog der Sammelpost mit allen, die teilgenommen haben.
    Liebste Grüße, Aleshanee

    1. Ja, das das „blöde“ daran, wenn ich Deutsche Blogparaden auf Englisch beantworte. 🙁 Wenn du irgendetwas genauer wissen willst, einfach Bescheid sagen. 🙂 Aber die Links zu Goodreads führen zu den Deutschen Varianten (außer bei PWNED, da gibt es keine), vielleicht hiflt das schon?
      Auf alle Fälle Danke für die Info – und die Möglichkeit. 🙂

      1. Na klar, ich schau mir die am Wochenende nochmal in Ruhe alle auf deutsch an 😉 Ist ja kein Problem. Ich sollte sowieso viel mehr auf englisch lesen, damit ich dürftigen Kenntnisse wieder auffrische 😀

  2. Guten Morgen!
    Ich sag nochmal ganz herzlichen Dank fürs mitmachen und wünsche viel Spaß beim Stöbern – ich hab heute alle teilnehmenden Blogs zur Aktion für euch zusammengestellt 🙂
    Blogparade eurer #Geheimtipps
    Liebste Grüße und einen schönen Tag!

  3. Hey 😀
    sehr schöne Liste. „Warum Engel nie Mundharmonika spielen“ musste unbedingt auf meine Wunschliste wandern, das klingt ja so lustig und süß und irgendwie glaube ich, dass es mir gefallen könnte ^^. Vielen Dank für den Tipp.
    Liebe Grüße
    Insi Eule

    1. Gern geschehen. So ging es mir aber auch, als ich das Buch wie oben beschrieben entdeckt habe. Es macht auch einfach Spaß zu lesen.
      Viel Spaß und sag Bescheid, ob es dir gefallen hat! 🙂
      Liebe Grüße

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