The Weekend Guess #100

And here you have it the one hundredth instalment of the Weekend Guess!

Eine Gedankenblase mit dem Schriftzug "The Weekend Guess" auf blauem Grund und in einem braunen Rahmen

What is the Weekend Guess?

Up to three riddles formulated by me that are puns and wordplays on the answer itself I put on here for my readers to answer.

Why am I doing this?

For no apparent reason, just because I consider the idea to be funny.

What are the questions about?

Everything I can think of I guess, so far the things you had to figure out were song titles and bands, movies and books. Currently it’s random topics ranging from the stuff before and whatever I feel like asking about.

What is your part in this?

You can try to figure out my riddles and see if you can manage to get behind them and understand what I am describing.

What is in it for you?

So far: Nothing, but the knowledge that you managed to unlock one of my silly riddles.
Before we do that here is the

Solution for last weeks Weekend Guess:

Space Jam

DarkFairy and fruehstuecksflocke guessed it correctly, so congratulations!

And now, let’s have a look at the one hundredth question

Who would have thought I’d manage to reach a hundred posts with this? o.O

Obviously this is more of a rhetorical question than an actual guess (which doesn’t mean you can’t still write an obligatory „I did“ in the comments 😉 ), but it leads me to the following announcement:

This instalment is the LAST Weekend Guess.

Yes, you read that correctly.
Starting next week there won’t be any new guesses.

For quite some time now I’ve been bored by it and never really knew what I should ask for (hence the late posts) and the lack of participation didn’t improve my motivation to continue.
So I decided to fill up the big 100 and be done with it.

I still had fun thinking up all these weird questions and I was always excited to find my usual suspects answering my silly wordplays and riddles, so thanks to everyone who participated!

The Weekend Guess was never a competition, but I took the liberty to count the participations, to see who was able to give the most correct answers, who had the most consecutive correct answers, where the longest streak of answers was and which was the question with the most answers.

So here we go:

The Guessers

1 correct Guess:

FinnNiklasPeters (#1), 21stcenturysisyphus (#56) and Ed Mooney Photography (#71)

5 correct Guesses:

Evanesca Feuerblut (#52, #74, #95, #96, #97)

11 correct Guesses:

Nazgul (#42, #54, #55, #56, #67, #68, #69, #72, #92, #93, #97) – who never commented on here

16 correct Guesses:

DarkFairy (#25, #27, #28, #38, #39, #40, #51, #63, #68, #77, #78, #82, #83, #91, #92, #99)

And 21 correct Guesses:

fruehstuecksflocke (#28, #29, #32, #33, #35, #36, #38, #39, #40, #43, #45, #62, #66, #69, #80, #87, #89, #90, #97, #99)
If I missed anything let me know!

The most consecutive answers

Evanesca: #95, #96, #97
Nazgul: #54, #55, #56 and #67, #68, #69
Fairy: #38, #39, #40

The longest answering streak

(questions that where answered by all participants in a row)
#89, #90, #91, #92, #93
(second longest:#66, #67, #68, #69;
third longest: #27, #28, #29 and #38,#39, #40 and #54, #55, #56 )

The most answered question

Question #97 was answered 4 times.
Fairy, Evanesca, Nazgul and fruehstuecksflocke all knew who The court sorcerer of a legendary king was. 😉
(The questions for: #28, #38,#39, #40, #56, #68, #69, #92, #99 all got two answers)
I guess now you’ve seen enough numbers. 😉

What now?

Honestly? I don’t know. We’ll see.
What I do know, is that I’d like to award my participants with a little present as a thank you for sticking with this thingy.
So, Evanesca, fruehstuecksflocke, Nazgul and Fairy (re)send me your address information, so I can send you a little something as soon as I figure out what it is! 🙂

And for everyone still yearning to answer more questions:

I created a quiz on Poll-Maker for the second category (movies: #25-49) and try to get the other two (books: #50-74 and random: #75-99) on there as well (possibly music: #1-24 too, but we’ll see).
So have fun checking out: Poisonpainter’s Weekend Guess (Movies) and let me know how well you score 😉

[Edit: Poll-Maker is no longer free, so I took down the Quiz. Maybe one day I’ll do a proper Quiz again.]



  1. So sorry, you’ll stop it there… I would have participated MUCH more but… sometimes I really didn’t have the least clue what the answer might be (and sometimes even after reading the answer one week later I was still like „Nah, I don’t know this movie/book/franchise anyway, I never stood a chance to guess it“ – that’s not your fault. That’s just me. Five years ago I hadn’t even see Star Wars and didn’t knew „The Big Bang Theory“ actually exists, so… I still have to learn many things ^^).
    I liked your quiz and look forwards to the other installments (knowing in advance I’ll score poorly in „movies“, but I wanna try).
    Thank you for taking the time to make up questions <3
    AND I answered question 97, too 😛
    You forgot me 😛

    1. Don’t be sorry. It was fun while it lasted, everything else would just spoil it.
      Thanks for your comment, I’ll add the #97 to your list as well, sorry! Too many people answering that one. 😉
      Good luck with the complete quiz! 😀
      Feel free to re-do it, until you remember the answers 😉

  2. So thank you for all those funny little riddles! I always enjoyed having a new weekend guess in my blogfeed 🙂
    I really didn’t expect to be the one with the most correct answers, though :O. But when you look at it, only solving 21 of 100 riddles is also not the best score ^^

    1. Thank you for participating!
      If you put it that way, I could have counted how many riddles were solved all together, so the 21 wouldn’t seem that few. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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