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The Weekend Guess #77

I’m currently exploring Stockholm with SaJaehwa from the HGWAnime, but I still present to you the seventy seventh instalment of the Weekend Guess. And this time, the Guess will be a tiny bit different than usual. 😉

Eine Gedankenblase mit dem Schriftzug "The Weekend Guess" auf blauem Grund und in einem braunen Rahmen

What is the Weekend Guess?

Up to three riddles formulated by me that are puns and wordplays on the answer itself I put on here for my readers to answer.

Why am I doing this?

For no apparent reason, just because I consider the idea to be funny.

What are the questions about?

Everything I can think of I guess, so far the things you had to figure out were song titles and bands, movies and books. Currently it’s random topics ranging from the stuff before and whatever I feel like asking about.

What is your part in this?

You can try to figure out my riddles and see if you can manage to get behind them and understand what I am describing.

What is in it for you?

So far: Nothing, but the knowledge that you managed to unlock one of my silly riddles.

Let’s start with the seventy seventh set of questions

I am looking for the title of this song title (and band)*:

Kritzelige Zeichnung eines Konzertes. Auf der Bühne steht ein hüpfend singender Sänger mit flachem Irokesen, Oberteil mit Kästchen und Tarnhose. Davor das Publikum als Strichmännchen bis auf ein etwas größeres Strichmännchen in Kutte, dass laut Flucht.

Leave your guesses in the comments below and I can see if my questions are too easy or to hard to figure out. I will give the correct answer with the next instalment.
Have fun figuring it out! 🙂

Solution for last weeks Weekend Guess:

One Piece

I thought that was an easy one, but no such luck… Can’t congratulate anyone. 🙁


* Somewhere on my Blog there is a story that explains this sketch, if you read it or heard me tell the story then this Guess will be easy to solve. Otherwise look at the singer, imagine him with a (proper) beard and maybe you’ll recognize him.
Oh, and think Swedish. 😉